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January 11, 2011


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Limited hypothesis!! (However I AM aware that strokes can bring on very deep spiritual experiences)
See Mike Crowley's interview about his forthcoming book 'Secret Drugs of Buddhism'

I didn't send the Buddha article,
it was another Mike.

Just the same, I always wonder why
if the Buddha was a real jnani, why
he would teach enlightenement at all ?

Generally speaking, the jnanis do not
wish enlightenment on anyone. They
see no need.

It seems to be the fakes always teaching
how to become enlightened.

Rarely do the jnanis come out of the closet
and it is more often to help mankind in
other ways, to stop people from hurting themselves.

Unless they are going to an Oregon football game ?

While I would be hesitant to ascribe experiences that fall into the broad category of "spiritual" as being the result of certain molecular configurations of the brain (with no regard as to the cause or duration of that configuration), I would be inclined to conclude that certain molecular configurations of the brain would preclude the "having" (if you will) of such experiences in the first place.

Maybe "experience" (any experience whatsoever) is actually a defect in the organism. Think about that one for a while!

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