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December 09, 2010


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I think you left one out -- the biocentric view. The way I interpret Robert Lanza's theory, the history of all living things makes up a biological superorganism, which is a "common observer" of an internally consistent universe unique to that superorganism. (Click on my name to read an expansion of this idea.) Connecting to your topic, individual organisms of this superorganism are analogous to the individual cells of an organism -- new cells are constantly being produced and dying, but the organism as a whole lives on. You could say it's a fractal view of consciousness, in that each individual person contributes a piece of that immortal consciousness of biological life as a whole. Unfortunately, like a cell, once an individual person is gone, we're gone. But hey, we can try to do whatever we can for the good of the superorganism in the mean time.

The simulation theory is fun to ponder, but it's an infinite regression. Intelligence had to start somewhere, and given that we've had 3.5 billion years to evolve it, we might as well be the source.

Approaching death from another angle: I recently lost 20 pounds. I am 10% less of a person than I used to be. Where is that part of me? Is it alive? No it isn't; it's dispersed into the environment and is totally non-conscious, which is what will happen to 100% of me when I die. What will that feel like? Exactly the same as the 10% of me that's gone feels right now: nothing.

Karl, I did indeed neglect to mention biocentrism. Thanks for bringing up this interesting view of the cosmos. Also, for putting together such a comprehensive web site on the subject.

(Please take this as constructive criticism on behalf of my aging eyes: I find it difficult to read white type on a black background. Your site design is sort of a reflection of the cosmos, information appearing against the darkness of space, but it's a bit tough to read.)

Did "You" ponder death when you were a fertilized egg in your mother's womb? This "You" you identify with has nothing to do with the cycle of birth and death...a process that even gives arise to your "Youing." Whatever the Universe is...it is doing you and not vice versa. When "You" focus on death you miss the whole picture and magnify only your fearful illusion and thereby create the need for many false "escape" routes from death (including "biocentrism", "bits to its", etc ).

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