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December 22, 2010


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Our host, Blogger Brian said: "How the hell is the United States going to compete with the rest of the world -- scientifically, economically, technologically -- when 4 in 10 of our citizens believe God created humans in their present form about 10,000 years ago?"

--Obviously that belief is absurd in the light of archaeological evidence. We know that there were homo sapiens running around about 125,000 years ago.

But there are lots of people who are ignorant about some things or have superstitious beliefs that still manage to contribute usefully in society and succeed in important roles.

Indians and asians certainly have their share of people with bizarre belief systems, yet there is no disputing their technological advancement.

The U.S. has about 330 million people. If 40% believe that man was created 10,000 years ago, that leaves almost 200 million people who don't. That should be an adequate number to draw from for non-theological technical advancement.

There are plenty of needed jobs and services that do not conflict with creationist beliefs...

engineers, carpenters, nurses, economists, doctors, lawyers, metalurgists, entertainers, and most important of all.. mixed martial art cage fighters.

Not to worry. Just get the crooks out of congress.

I'm glad I emigrated. On the other hand, the poll probably reflects more general intellectual laziness rather than specific belief systems counter to evolution.

This is unrelated to the topic, but could not navigate to the general comments tab.

I think the new tv series V 2010 shed some light on the whole Radha Soami darshan phenomenon where the alien leader beams down her blessings (mind manipulation and control) on her followers through her refulgent light.

I know this may seem silly considering I don't have the vocabulary or intellect to discuss this in a more erudite manner. Still would like to know your views (if you have seen it).

I think Suzanne is on the mark. People are taught certain beliefs since they were young and they just accept them. Most of the time they are thinking about other things like job, education, the opposite (or same) sex, sports or whatever. I think most people prefer to avoid thinking about mortality, eternity, God, etc. very much except maybe superficially at the church service on Sunday, or when they are on a rough plane ride. Distraction from reality is less scary than facing it. So they pursue their interests and ambitions and forget about it.

I have come to believe this is a very important issue politically speaking as it explains a lot of their votes and their view toward science where it comes to global climate change. It's not just about spirituality or religion but impacting decisions they want made for the rest of us. Creationists are damaging to any culture they control.

Rain, you're right. This belief in creationism is just the tip of an anti-scientific, anti-reality iceberg. Like you said, the political effects of almost half the country believing in blind faith is tremendously destructive.

It seriously slows progress toward dealing with pressing problems when so many people are putting their heads in the sand about what really is going on.

I'm not so sure this is as terrifying as you guys think.

But I'm looking at the trends - creationism is trending downwards, and totally godless evolution has nearly doubled it's share in the timeframe of the survey, and the middle ground has held steady.

The survey also shows a 15/85 bias against cell-only households, which constitute the majority of younger Americans - so it's clearly not representative.

Belief in creationism alone wouldn’t be much of a issue, except that it’s also a marker for other things such as a lack of belief in global warming, a preference for a theocratic form of government, and a general distrust of science and public education. It’s a great deal more serious that “innocent nonsense.” Creationists are also passionate about their crazy ideas which makes them more politically active than the general population. This is a significant problem.

Interesting blog on science and religion.


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