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December 28, 2010


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So....even if it were somehow demonstrated that future events influence present events, there would still develop a myriad of questions, such as: which events? why?

It's easy to surmise that, since "life as we know it" could only develop within a fairly narrow range of environmental conditions, that these conditions developed in order to accomodate "life". Such a thought, however, is basically useless. Might as well stick with the random/pure chance hypothesis. The math works easier that way.

Perhaps reproduction is life's attempt to overcome the nauseatingly obvious fact that individual organisms cease to function. Is there a more cogent example of precognition?

Richard Feynman indeed had it right - nobody knows (or ever will know, even if psi is a "real" phenomenon) how it could be like that.

It just is.

I used to study and apply astrology. I found that it was useful in determining character traits and life circumstances, sometimes with great accuracy, sometimes with astonishing inaccuracy. It is a tool for sharpening your innate intuition, that's for sure, even if you miss sometimes. I now have little interest in the subject and remember it only superficially. I have lived long enough to forget lots of things I used to know like how to use a timing light to tune my engine, or the feel of a breast of a woman under 30 years of age.

I used to know a guy who was an astrologer, healer with good talent. He also was an egotist of extraordinary dimension, eventually pronouncing himself a perfect sat guru and wiseman and eventually descending into madness and reduced to begging on the boardwalk in Venice, CA.

After not seeing him for several years I ran into him at the natural food co-op (before insanity had set in). I asked if he still practiced astrology. He said no, that he found it a clumsy tool compared to direct perception, or words to that effect. He proceeded to describe my past lives, one of which was as a goat herder that was murdered. I have not been able to verify that or the entity that would have such an existence in some other "life".

Finally, I come to my point. I believe there is pre-cognition. I have been to a number of "psychics" some mediocre at best and others very gifted.

I have had future life events and circumstances desribed by a couple of them so accurately and with such detail that all chance was virtually eliminated. Some of these predictions were years in advance and recorded on tape. (CD's were not invented yet.)

This was none of this stuff like you see on TV talk shows where the supposed psychic says "I see someone in your life with the letter "R". Then the person gets all excited and says "You must be talking about my uncle Arthur who died in 1972"! Then the psychic says he has a message from uncle Arthur. Such bullshit.

Buyer Beware! My advice to you is to read the following article:

Why Most Published Research Findings Are False:

After studying the above mentioned article you will understand why I agree wholeheartedly with the Dutch Researchers conclusion that the experimental evidence for precognition is not statistically sufficient.

Bayesian statistics is not difficult to understand (a quick tutorial can be studied here: http://web.vu.union.edu/~coulombj/Articles/SCIENCE-TECHNOLOGY/Bayesian%20statistics%20for%20dummies/index.html)

As always...Mark Twain was way ahead of his time (precognition?) when he wrote: "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics."

I have had precognitive dreams at different times in my life since chilhood. Nothing ever warns me that I will have one beforehand, they just happen at times. I have also had plenty of times in my life where I felt like something specific was getting ready to happen, and that very thing did happen.
I feel precognition is natural to the human species, and it probably happens to more people than we hear about. Most people don't talk about such experiences in fear that others will think them crazy.

We don't know everything, nor does our scientific community, nor our religious community. Why not have the open mindedness to think that anything in life is possible...even things that seem supernatural. Be open, and inquiring about such claims, and happenings.

I've enjoyed reading your blog. Keep posting! :-)

Without arguing tangibility and focusing on the point "events that haven't yet happened can influence our behaviour" I think of Shakespeare's Macbeth.

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