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December 22, 2010


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Many are conditioned to believe that God must be absolutely present. God is conceived as being eternally present, or the presence of what is present and the absence of what is absent.

Another way of looking at the issue is to see that what God is, is the absence of what is present, and the presence of what is absent.

In other words, whatever we conceive could not be God for God is the conceiving and not the conceived. God therefore is absent as anything that could be known (conceived) and yet is always present as Its absence of any sort of objectivity whatsoever.

tucson, what you said is almost perfectly clear to me -- which makes me worry a bit about my sanity.

Oregon here we come. Stuck right in the middle of right. It seems as though here in Alabama, that if you don't believe you are breaking the law. I have a pretty good job and the climate here is almost perfect, but some days I yearn for a little intelligent conversation. Thanks for your blog, I am going to start one so I have more room to vent. 140 Characters is begining to be not enough. Tim

TIm, come out West. Or rather, Northwest. The climate here in western Oregon also is almost perfect. Plus, we don't have high humidity, nasty bugs (aside from a few mosquitos), or hurricanes.

And like you said, you'll have the opportunity for more intelligent conversations out Oregon-way. Portland is a way cool city, as are Eugene and Ashland. Salem, not so much, but we like it here for other reasons.

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