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December 30, 2010


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I have reported before of an experience I had while meditating (sleeping). I suddenly found myself at the retaurant where I worked. There was a celebrity at a table chowing down on some gross tofu cutlet or the like. (of course they would say the hideous pieces of salmon I eat are equally repulsive, if not more so, so touche'). You eat your gross shit and I'll eat my gross shit.

Anyway, the clebrity was at the table with a couple other people dressed a certain way and the celebrity was wearing a certain colored shirt.

When I arrived at work later that day I asked the staff if indeed the celebrity was there earlier in the certain colored shirt with the people dressed a certain way. They said yes.

What can I say? I don't know WTF happened. This certainly does not prove that there is consciousness after death, but it certainly proves, in my mind, that mind is able to travel to alternate locations and make accurate perceptions without the physical body present.

IMO, life is infused with a universal field of life, consciousness, awareness, whatever you choose to call it. 'Great Spirit' will do. Why not? I've been reading about Indians lately, so give me some slack.
Every atom, every photon and quark, is this interconnected spirit. No where to go to escape it because you are it. IT is. Why? Do I look like someone who could answer that question? If so, memberships in my guru club are only $86.57 per month which includes a T-shirt and incense I have blessed. Jsut call me Baba Con.

Probably when you die, just a wild guess, the physical mind and its memories disintegate. What is left is this Great Spirit that permeates all. When asked where he would go when he died, Ramana Maharshi said, to this effect,"Where would I go? I will be here of course."

The Great Spirit is here. We are here. This is it. It's essence is what composes you. In death you revert to the simultaneously undifferentiated, and manifest, Great Spirit, a force, if you like, that is All. You ARE, at death, but there is no you...until the spirit moves your life essence to some other form, or not. But you will BE, one way or another. Isness is, What else is there? How can there be notness in all pervasive isness? Even if you're not, isness is. So, that's what is. Dig?

Reincarnation? Maybe you could call it that, but the Great Spirit has taken and been all forms. I was Cleopatra, Benjamin Franklin and Attila the Hun. So were you.
You are what I am, I am what you are.

Happy fucking New Year, as if every day was not a happy fucking New Year. We are reborn every second drinking champagne into infinity. It's an endless celebration. Rejoice!!

"While I'm alive I'd rather live honestly, facing facts as we humans currently best understand them, instead of taking refuge in a fantasy realm."

Yes, but if these facts are coming from scientists, you're taking refuge in science.

Not to impugn the work of scientists, but aything I haven't found out for myself is not really mine. How can I be honestly accountable for what I think and do if I'm depending on others to supply me with the information my thinking and behavior stems from?

chauncey, we're all dependent on others to supply us with information that our thinking and behavior stems from. I can't research human history, human science, human art, human geography, and all the other aspects of human culture by myself.

If I only rely on what my senses tell me, I'd believe that the sun goes around the earth, and that there are only a few hundred (or thousand) stars in existence.

Actually, the Earth goes around the sun, and there are hundreds of billions of galaxies, each with hundreds of billions of stars. I find these facts useful, and they guide how I understand life. I'd hate to return to "caveman" days where all a person knew is what he/she experienced directly, plus what little human culture could be passed on between people and generations.

I don't think you're really saying that this would be a desirable way of life. I'm just pointing out how important and pervasive our human ability to learn from others about how the world (and cosmos) is. Language, to offer another example, comes from others, and our individual ability to think and be aware is highly dependent on language.

but you can research scientific evidence for yourself, if you want to, that is what full disclosure and transparency is all about. evidence has to be repeatable, so that you can repeat the evidence and it works every time, that is why scientists publish papers and their evidence is open and encouraged for peer review and challenge to test the presented evidence.

This is totally different to a mystical tradition, where you might do the same experiment for 30 years and never get a result or observe anything. Moreover, science describes in detail the repeatable result you will see, whereas mysticism has never arrived at a proper description of the mystical experience, so i never really understood why it is called a science. It may be true knowledge, but it is not scientific knowledge.

As for religious knowledge, that is simply belief, which has been imbibed from someone else and has no evidence in support thereof. Creationists infer the existence of God, because of all life's complexity, but it is an unecessary inference and most importantly devoid of support.

yes i Believe Rebirth strongly;& i believe our Rebirth is also on other planets as Aliens; in that planets Aliens Life span is 1,000years,or 10,000years,or 100,000years; in that planets Aliens Live without polution(They use solar energy,not use petrol,diesel Like us);They are Looking so Beautiful compare to us(not Like as Hollywood film Aliens);God created Not only our Dirty planet,he also created,good world's,for who people did good Things,in their past Life;if God is not Here,Then all planets,stars(suns),Asteroids,Black Holes are collapsed (crushed by Accident);
Note:There are 9 planets,100 moons in our solar system,There are 10,000crores above solar systems in our Galaxy,There are above 10,000crores Galaxies in our Universe; There are Lot of universes in space;

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