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December 26, 2010


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Closer than your jugular-Sufi Saying

Were your pals RRSB actives ? My encounters with old contacts seem like interventions..they want to help me back into the fold...lol

Dogribb, the friend who asked me the question has been interested in the RSSB teachings for a long time, but isn't initiated -- and isn't likely to be. The other friend who pointed out that my searching and not finding had extended over several decades is an open-minded RSSB initiate.

I like this and it's exactly how I feel but in many ways it was how I felt in church also. It's about now; and when what is needed for now changes, we are free to go with it-- wherever that might lead. It's a mix of the biological and emotional world with another way of thinking-- spiritual-- that doesn't require a religion nor does it need any major signs as it is good for what it is!

I think Jac O'Keeffe expresses the heart of spirituality most succintly as follows: "The freedom you look for is where you look from".

Cheers Mate

However, the question is what is it in the human animal that has caused virtually every single civilization since the year dot to indulge in religion, ritual or mystical traditions.

I am not saying this is proof of god or a transcendental realm, but where does this aspect of our nature of psychological predisposition come from, it seems peculiar to humans and virtually all of them.

then there is the mystical core, which seems to lie at the heart of all religions, which is self-knowledge or going within, they all do it, whether by meditation, zen koans or jesuit peace listening to the silence, the unstruck chord, the unspoken word.

I'm not sure whats what, cos i aint ever seen or felt the boogey man or a higher purpose or prescence, but if you see someone passing away whom you have known your whole life, there is something that strikes you deep within, which is that the body you see is just a dried husk. I can understand what grief can do to one and i also understand that one day love might be reduced to a physical explanation of interacting chemicals, but there many things in our lives which seem to have the most meaning and which are not material or observable.

Art, music, love are not useful or often even logical or describable - but they often result in engendering the most profound of human experiences. Wtf is that all about?

Jazz music is more structured, but who in their right mind enjoys jazz, its rock 'm roll that sets your 'soul' alight and is felt in a deep primal guterall sense.

i dont think i'm making any sense, time for a nap.

I pretty much left Sant Mat after reading a lot of David Lane's stuff back in the 90's. I studied a lot of other spiritual paths and philosophies after that, but they all sounded like Sant Mat in one way or another to me (my own subjective projections and also some objective similarities).

Then I came to this point in my late 20's where I just couldn't stand spiritual-philosophical fuzzy-wuzzy any more. I couldn't accept any path and, in a way, I felt like a victim. These people were always renting my mind in promise of giving it back in a more enlightened condition. Generally, I just ended up more confused.

So, I dropped all the spiritual nonsense, at least for a while, and I started to practice Zen meditation. And, surprisingly, I had some phenomenal spiritual experiences. I think this had something to do with not having any expectation of said experience. And, also, the lack of intellectual arguments in my head about spirituality and philosophy. There was nothing to figure out, improve about myself, or any doctrine for me to uphold.

Eventually my mind caught up with me. For a while, I was on the downside of not believing in anything; meaning, I was in despair. I had never succeeded in being enlightened, so I wasn't sure what to do next.

I don't know if I could sum it up for you in the comments section of this blog. Maybe... upon realizing that I'm never going to be perfect, that I have nothing to prove to anyone, nor do I have to become a human shield for some guru or religion, I am free to love unconditionally. Then, I'm loving for the right reason-- which is for no reason at all.

To Brian,

Your blog reflects the things you usually read or see or hear. I wondered if you ever read any spiritual account and didn't immediately look it up from a skeptics viewpoint? The reason i ask is because i have noticed that when i am certain there are unexplained phenomena and i then look up skeptic explanations for it, i doubt it for a little while and then i always end up believing in it again if it happens to be true.

So, when was the last time you looked at an unexplained phenomena from an open minded point of view? Surely you cannot be so closed minded to think there is absolutely nothing mysterious about existence, life, the universe and your sense of self?

You will say you have thought about all this since you were born and up until one hour ago. But since science hasn't explained everything yet, what makes you so skeptical?

David, there's a lot of writing on this blog, so understandably you haven't come across all of my paeans to mystery.

I love mystery. I embrace mystery. I sprinkle mystery on my breakfast cereal each morning. Here's some examples that I found through a Google search of "mystery" via the box in the right sidebar:





I don't understand how you equate being skeptical with rejecting mystery. Actually, those who are skeptical of premature explanations are those who honor mystery, while religions do their best to explain away mystery through hypothetical concepts like "God" and "divine will."

Do you see what I mean?

Staring into the darkness beyond what is lit by a camp fire, a strange, startling, unfamiliar noise is heard. One person instantly says, "I know what that is. It's a raccoon." Another says, "I'm not so sure. Maybe we should take a look and see what's out there."

Which person most respects mystery? Which person is most open to the unknown? Which person is most willing to embrace reality, rather than a thought in one's head?

The person who is skeptical about a largely unfounded explanation of a mysterious phenomenon. That is, someone like me.

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