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December 03, 2010


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I am a few months shy of my 62nd birthday, and I have considerable experience with psychedelics, which I abandoned permanently in 1973. The preponderance of my experiences involved LSD - the kind which was produced in makeshift laboratories by enthusiastic post-graduate chemistry students - and practically the only kind the "man on the street" could ever obtain.
Segregating the LSD-25 molecule from the chemical soup in which it is found is a painstaking process which requires sophisticated equipment and great skill. There was LSD-25 in the street acid available way back when, but it was mostly molecules that were similar which made up the average dose. One of the molecules was strychnine - otherwise known as rat poison. This tended (in my experience) to make the typical acid trip a tad uncomfortable, physically. One of the lasting memory impressions I have is that it felt like I had ingested uncountable millions of tiny chain saws that were tearing me up at the cellular level - it felt a bit like the lactic acid burn that you feel when you work muscles really hard. Another observation was that it felt like I swallowed a basketball or other large object.

The physical discomfort was, mercifully, transitory and mostly confined to the onset stage, before the mental phenomena took hold.

To make a long story short - I personally confirmed the metaphysical suspicions of all of the sages, gurus, yogis, shamans and trippers that ever were.

"Reality" - or, whatever it is that "is", is completely impersonal. It has no interest in how people feel. It does what it does without sanction or approval.

The ultimate non-survival of the human species has always been a foregone conclusion.

From ingestion of psychoactive substances I understood:

1. Everything is OK just as it is including what may be perceived as disharmonious, uncomfortable and evil.

2. Everything is moving toward harmony and unfathomable brilliant unity, and in fact is now. All is this One great energy, consciousness or spirit.

3. Consciousness (spirit) is inherent in all things including supposedly inanimate things such as minerals, stones and gems.

4. It is possible to communicate psychically with animals and people in a visceral direct way that surpasses the symbology of language.

5. It is possible to see the future.

6. What I am you are. What you are I am.

...if I remember correctly

tucson - all the above are garden-variety insights.

Reality is far more profound than that!

Willie R,

I forgot to include #7 of what I understood from the use of psychoactive substaces...

An afternoon of frisbee throwing is as valid a means to "realization" as a lifetime spent performing kundalini yoga.

tucson, if throwing a frisbee while under the influence of psychoactive substances leads to enlightenment, I definitely should have reached the peak of self-realization.

Thanks for the comment. It threw me into a flashback of many pleasant frisbeeing hours on grassy (in more ways than one) California open spaces -- mostly on the campus of San Jose State College (now University).

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