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December 10, 2010


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It is the typcial atheist versus theist trip. I didn't read it all but could get the gist of where its at just reading beginning. Christian surprisingly (must be quite an openminded one) tells atheist that 'there is paranormal experience, right?' And gets the reply no way--is wishfull thinking bla bla

Now I wanna look at this a moment. Fundie type Christians would look at paranormal as being demonic---the more liberal like this Christian fellow will use it to win their argument for the belief system

But there IS evidence for so-called paranormal events, and there IS evidence for UFO and ET events, but the athiests wont look. They cling to their world view like the Christian clings to his. Is both the same mindset but mirrored.

I have had a very powerful OBE, others have had powerful NDEs etc, but these people who will not accept these experiences will try all manner of explanation to cling like f*** to their safe tunnel-reality.

The problem with OBE's, NDE's, ET encounters and abductions, and that entire farrago of critters locked in the redoubtable corral is that they occur infrequently, cannot be duplicated or reproduced, and, most tellingly, do absolutely nothing to enhance or improve the situation of mortal human beings.
What you conceive of as your "self" is going to perish absolutely, completely and forever. In order to have an out-of-body experience, you must first have an in-the-body experience. A near-death experience is just what it is. There can be no experience of death - once you have died, there is no self ever to have lived. And no other life forms from distant star systems can do anything about the fact that existence is transient. There is no valid reason for examining the human race. If ET's have questions, we cannot provide answers for them.

No matter what you believe - you will not survive your death. You don't need to - existence and non-existence are exactly the same thing - unspeakable, infinite REALITY. So to speak.

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