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December 20, 2010


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The main problem is the delusion of continuity.
Consciousness appears continous as the experiencer.

But, we know from science, we only exist in
micro seconds, as the neurons flash.

Our bodies are made of eternal energy, so we
naturally feel eternal.

But, science says consciousness was the result
of evolution, not the cause.

Yet, even consciousness, as flashing neurons,
is made of eternal energy.

Consciousness is temporal and dies with us.
So, this is the paradox.

It is only our belief consciousness is eternal,
that causes the religious search.

The search for a higher and better afterlife
that does not exist.

Priests and holy men taught us consciousness (soul)
is forever.

They were wrong.

When one looks for their 'self', they cannot find

But, in the mean time, the belief a self exists
dominates the actuons of man.

The personalization of impersonal thought,
is the root of all evil.

Thought has no persona. Thought is a thing.

Thought creates a belief one has a personal self.

That belief is before us like the carrot in front
of the donkey. We can never act impersonally
as long as this single belief controls our actions.

No one whom has the belief he is a self, can ever act

That's why saints are the greatest hypocrites.

And, prize their false humility. Supression is their game.

The best method to find reality ... is no method at all.

Since there is no self ... there can be no goal.

There is something very troubling about centaur creatures. I am concerned about elimination in this odd species.

It appears they have two torsos and therefore two digestive tracts, hearts, four lungs, livers, kidneys, etc.

It would seem that it would be difficult for these two sets of organs to work in concert, but I can see how it could be an advantage, for VO2 max for example, and cows have four stomachs. So, no problem there.

Not so with the digestive tract. Where does the feces and urine go from the upper torso? Is there a special intestine or via-duct/ urethra that transports it to the singular rear appertures?

This has been puzzling me since I was knee high to a grasshopper.

Please enlighten me.

Mike, I could argue with almost every statement in this list, and that would get us nowhere. I suggest you pose questions instead.

"Mike, I suggest you pose questions instead."
quote poster

Ok, my question to you is, where is your self ?
(Your personal self)

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