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November 13, 2010


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While it is obviously true that this particular congressman would do so, where is the evidence that republicans as a whole would "allow legislation to be based on weird religious beliefs rather than solid facts." ?

Should I assume that because Toomey, the senator from Delaware has expressed his appreciation of Marxism that democrats/liberals as a whole would allow legislation to be based on Marxist ideals?

tucson, you make a reasonable critique of my statement. An entire political party shouldn't be judged by the actions of its most far-out members. It'll be interesting to see, though, what sort of position Shimkus assumes in the freshly Republican House of Representatives, which will indeed reflect the values of the leadership.

Funny how big business interests seem to fall in line with his interpretation of the Bible.... Or is it that this senator has coopted the Bible for big business? That is a real sin.

After all, according to the Bible this world was given to us to take care of and, looking at the list of extinct species, I'd say we are doing a fair job screwing it up six ways to Sunday.

And our duty to appreciate the gifts the creator has given us is Biblical. So, it is also biblical for us to take responsibility for pollution, and not to say "God isn't going to destroy us - let's keep on abusing the planet!"

Rather, God does not like to be dissed.

I think you will see in the next two years a whole group of people who love the Bible and hate the corrupt use of it, the corrupt interpretation of it, emerge to reclaim the notion of personal responsibility and brotherhood, which is what the Bible is entirely about.

So, while I dislike what this fellow does with the Bible, I would not associate the Bible with him.

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