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November 27, 2010


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I think we focus our attention on things we find interesting.

I suspect what happens is we get bored of the things around us, and our thoughts/ideas/fantasies become more interesting.

A UFO landing outside my window would get my attention, as would a man waving a gun. But that tree, as beautiful as it may be when I really look at it, is nothing new.

I suspect that religions, spiritual paths, etc. are ways of living out a 'fantasy world', but it is more addictive because my fellow believers actually believe it is real, which makes it all the more real for me.

This may be why and online fantasy roleplaying game like world of warcraft is more addictive than playing a computer game by yourself. Playing online with others turns it into a community fantasy.

hey Brian,
i just stumbled on your site, wonderful stuff. i love it when i see my own rambling, curious, non dogmatic, wanting to know but not-knowing mind played out in somebody else's words.
So here's my answer to your proposition to "be a human being having a human experience". I hear you, and on one level sure thing, life needs no extra overlay, just live this life. But for 50+ plus years, always seeking, seeking for what i was missing, there was something about what all these 'spiritual' teachers that i was attracted to like Krishnamurti and other Zen teachers that i was missing, and it is pointed to in the Chardin quote. Our actual experience, 'my' actual experience, is described more closely, pointed to more clearly, in seeing directly that the 'me' that I'm thinking about when i think of me is spirit or Being or consciousness or awareness, not a 'human being'. The idea of a 'human being' is completely made up, it's an agreed upon
fiction, whereas consciousness is also just a word but the direct experience of being it, of Being, is the one primary and undeniable fact that is experienced (as Chalmer's says in the excellent clip you posted). Ohhhh, that's what true nature is, what the Heart Sutra is pointing to, what is here right now and has always been here. Cool.
For me to live in peace and just do the damn dishes, this realization was necessary, but maybe just for this particular crazy mind (although you seem to be right there with me, god bless).
Or not.
Keep up the good work.

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