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November 11, 2010


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Taking up your 'stripping out religiosity' point: Buddhism is basically a multi-meme complex. Gautama's insight is the opposite of what constitutes a meme - it's an ever-fresh living encounter.

A religion's value lies in that which can be found beneath its memeplex (if anything!!)

I liked this,

"......________instructed in the manner of a philosopher, a lover of wisdom. He/she taught and modeled a viable way to human flourishing, and did so rooted firmly in everyday life."

---Now the fun shall begin.....

"There's nothing wrong with religions that can't be made right by stripping religiosity out of them."

But surely this is exactly the problem of all religions and spirituality, which is that they are open to interpretation.

If the Buddha's teachings included concepts like reincarnation and karma - then interpretations that discount these concepts are a different religion.

Moreover, Bachelor is doing exactly what I believe accounts for the creation of religions. People seek meaning behind things. Some supposedly 'original' teaching or revelation undergoes a continual process of modification as people interpret the teachings to suit their own time and conditioning. So they all end up squabbling over the 'Truth'. What is worse, there is no way of knowing if the 'original' teachings are actually original at all, or also merely draw on previous influences. All that could be said about the Buddha's teachings, is that he saw the world through his own personal lens or perspective.

Ultimately though how can we know which truth is correct?

How do we know which religosity is to be stripped? How can one strip religosity from religion? Who defines what is religiousity or not?

George, by "religiosity" I was thinking mostly of supernatural beliefs which aren't capable of being evaluated via demonstrable evidence of a scientific sort.

For example, Buddhist beliefs involving immaterial consciousness would be religious. But Buddhist meditation practices aimed at making the mind/brain calmer, more focused, and compassionate can be investigated via the methods of neuroscience -- brain scanners and such.

beautiful article. The False Buddha to me is a communion of a 'society' that are having a sentimental journey. Instead of being Sentiel Being we may have become Sentimental Beings. The Passive Buddha is like saying: All is well,when it is not. This Well is not a well of abundance. It is a whishing well that is not a real blessing, but throwing a materialistic coin into a well, as a ritual to then hopefully Be Well.
In society we often take away moral responsability of those who suffer. Addiction for example is said to be an illness. That illness needs to be treated. And it gets treated by false candies such as alternative toxins. We live in a Toxic Cult of Sentimentality. Our true healthy Mind (heart of the Matter) leaves out judgement. For we have learned that judgement means that we accuse someone of a certain behavior. But we can judge a situation. Then we can give back the moral code and responsability to the other person or situation and not fall into the trap of an Observer that can only collect this false resonponsability because he fears that he is shut out by society, when he/she says No I am not going along with this.

For me the false buddha is like a false priest or con man or a false parent. Cutting the false umbilicous of sentiment to me is indeed killing the false buddha. (not even going to place this name in big letters). That only collects false power in it.
Thank you!

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