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November 01, 2010


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of COURSE. it is ALL spiritual experience, including the erotic. Where there is matter and energy there is spirit also. It is a con to place it just out of reach and then some 'guru' reckons only he has it---'and YOU could to' if you bla bla.

Start believing in horoscope and get it checked dear , just read first few lines of ur article , u have gone nuts as far as spirtuality is concerned. SOME THING IS WRONG __ JESUS SAVE HIM.

Brian your type of "spiritual experience"is endemic of RSSB initiates.I always thought this is what substituted for "real" inner experience for RSSB's and was something to talk about ,feel progress and gain status.All pretty mundane egoic strategies ?And yes I did it too

So true Brian, when I was a Satsangi I had numerous spiritual experiences. Nowadays I just live my life, don't have anything "special" happen to me and am much much happier and more content!

Two times I felt spiritual and blessed: youth, baptism, pregnancy. Life is sacred. Since then I have been starving to feel "alive" and a person again.

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