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October 14, 2010


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Hi Brian,
Only by living out ones ideals can anyone say to themselves that it works and thus prove their validity

It's up to me to choose my grand beliefs, wondrous convictions, noble
purposes and lofty ideals. Then by recognizing myself as the final
source of all my meaning, belief and conviction will not degrade
into apathy and lack of meaning.

Stephen S Fine

While it is true that some of the greatest scientists of our age have been theoretical phycicists, the cornerstone of science, ie that wich separates it from belief and phosophy is empricism. It is the quality of observed evidence of an objective reality that distinguishes science from all other methods of insight into reality. This might seem boring or cold, but it's the most reliable method ever developed.

Einstein was a great thinker, perhaps the greatest of them all, but he was wrong about quantum mechanics and it was the empiricist Bohr whose theories became science. I tend to follow Einstein gut and perhaps even his metaphysical outlook, but science does not rely on the gut.

I believe that, prior to both existence AND non-existence, there is a condition which both allows for, and actually comprises, both nothing and everything.
You can't miss it, because there is nothing to notice about it in the first place. You cannot avoid it, because it is everything and everyone to begin with. You cannot imagine it, because it is both the substance of imagination, or the lack of it. It is both and neither, either and or, this and that, and the other, too.

It is what both creates, and simultaneously invalidates, what we refer to as "Reality".

I can't prove it - but then again, there is nothing to prove!

I think I believe what Willie R. believes but I can't prove that I think I believe it.

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