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October 26, 2010


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One interesting topic of this post could be the "mindfulness" word.

I liked Taylor's,

"Mindfulness means stopping thinking and starting to be aware, to live in the here and now of your experience instead of the 'there and then' of your thoughts. It stretches time in exactly the same way that new experience does: because we give more attention to our experience, we take in more information from it."

--Now, 'to be aware' needs some further explanation. I could see various explanations. That said, would awareness be formed in a(subject/object) realm, or a non-dual formlessness? We can start to perform our choosing. Or, maybe not.

Sounds like craptitude.

Surely the old boys have more life wisdom and all that.

Suppose noone wants to listen to them.

"Throughout life you will move blocks around, and once you die your last contributions have been made. Why did you move the blocks you did? Were they meaningful to you?"

Errr....well, here is an interesting
blog on human memory and meanings we make.



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