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October 12, 2010


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"avalanche" ---------I don't know weather it hits everybody or not but sure it has hit you strongly and everybody who is coming in contact with this is rooling too . LOL --- "avalanche"

Certain humans seem to have developed the ability to resist these avalanches. Blackmore was apparently one of them. A person who is in "too deep" to some kind of self-delusion -- be it fundamentalist religion, cult membership, Tea Party-type politics, etc. -- builds up his or her mental "sandpile" to extraordinary heights. The resulting avalanche would be so devastating, were they to succumb so a wake-up call on their self-delusion, the only thing they can do is deny this possibility and build higher. I wonder if there's something physiological, testable, going on in the brains of people with this self-imposed behavioral syndrome.

Karl Coryat,

How does the Tea Party's belief in lower taxes, smaller government, fiscal responsibility and adherence to the Constitution equate to most religious and cult supernatural beliefs? Maybe you were just being facetious because you don't like the Tea Party?

May be you are the one being facetious or perhaps dishonest Tucson ... you characterization of the TP is pretty partial and incomplete. Your characterization applies as well to many conservatives that distance themselves from the TP. The TP is more than just what you make it appear to be:


You fail to bring the dynamics that distinguish and identify the TP from other conservative, groups, institutions, which are all relevant to the associations the previous commenter emphasizes.

I regret having brought politics into this discussion. But, rest assured that built-up self delusion is something that happens to people on both sides of the political spectrum. If a person cannot recognize that, then perhaps it's time for their own "avalanche."


Some Tea Partyers do appear to get into a mesmerized delusional state, as is typical in most mob scenes and rallys, which could result in an "avalanche". However, my point was that the basic political principles they stand for do not fall into the same type of delusion as most supernatural beliefs. But then believing that government could ever function in a consistently responsible manner would indeed be a belief in the supernatural. So, it turns out you're right.

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