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October 16, 2010


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Sorry for being off-topic, but some rather misinformed soul wrote on your blog way back in 2007:

Get your facts straight. The USSR was a communist state, NOT an atheist state. Atheists don't bother anyone.

That was "tao". And, sorry, but the former USSR was entirely atheistic. Was official state policy. Lenin ordered people shot if they took off work for religious holidays. If you see tao, you might want to have him read up on "scientific atheism" in the former USSR. Here's a photo of a church that was taken over and converted in a museum of atheism:


At one time, there were over 40 such churches turned atheist museums. The claim that atheists don't hurt anyone is laughable, well, would be if it didn't hurt so much. Atheist regimes murdered more than 100,000,000 humans last century, which is more murdered humans than all of the religiously inspired have managed to kill over the last 2,000 years. tao is so misinformed that he doesn't realize that Marxism is by definition atheist. As Marx himself said, the beginning of communism is atheism.

wow...that swas woth reading and i enjoyed reading this stuff... its something beyond but interesting..

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