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October 31, 2010


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I kinda liked ole Guido - and very funny!

Thanks for exposing so called religious leaders. It does not matter whether they are comic or a very serious stuff. They are away from logic and humanism. I am going to blog it on Meghnet. Thanks for this wonderful post.


God was watching the rally and smiling at his little creations called human beings.


sad how you expect God to appear out of nowhere and say "I am God. Believe in me." If he does that or if saints do miracles than that defeats the purpose of this creation. I expected smarter people on this blog.

Don't you love the sterling illogic of the Believer? God doesn't need to manifest because He is God, and if God manifested He wouldn't be God?

The sad thing is that monotheist conditioning has brought Man dangerously near the abyss of extinction. Only a repudiation of the "One God Wars" can save us now!

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