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September 26, 2010


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Sanjay dutt ( A Hindi Movie star ) says in his movie Munna Bhai MBBS says " Chemical Locha " To all this phenomenon in Tapori Language. I dont find difference between Neuroscience and TAP0RISM ( Hooliganism ) here. Its world wide web ( www ) of mind . Are U trying to decode ? Well Lagee Rahoo MUNNA BHAI _ _ _ ( This comment may seem rude but a naked reality ) ---- Yash Pal Sethi

I seems each morning we have to re-form the idea of personal identity anew. Ego, or our persona, is certainly a tenuous thing.

Brian - the title of this blog entry says it all.

We all prove it with every breath, every step, every gesture, every thought.

I've noticed that the concept of 'self' seems to cement as we enter adolescence and adulthood. A small child, lets say 4-5 years old, would not feel that sense of seperation of 'self' and the 'mind'.
In retrospect, I feel that this sense of self comes by analyzing my actions and opinions, as 'I' did them as an organism.

Can you read my mind?
Do you know what I am thinking?

You cannot read my mind, nor I yours.
I think therefore I am.
I exist for the timespan my own brain functions.

When I die, I will lose consciouness permanently.
This is the same for each one of us.

The existential angst which is the cause of all seeking and religion and spirituality is that we are beings who need meaning, which is impossible in a meaningless universe. The gift of human consciousness is also the curse. However one views it, it is a temporary affliction which is over in the blink of an eye and you and I will almost certainly not exist thereafter.

Hey Bertie, consciousness rocks! So what if the persona dies. It may relish itself while it is...and if it is no more, there is no persona left to mourn.

Yip suzanne exactly right enjoy it while it lasts, cos when it's light out that it, no persona, self, ego, zip. Night night

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