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September 02, 2010


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Tara, if you have any pull with the Sikhs and can get them to open a langar in our neighborhood, that'd be great. The food sounds terrific. I'd eat there every day.

It is a pity that BH does not live in Slough in the UK where we have two Gurdwaras, and ofcourse, they serve excellent free vegetarian food. Moreover, about twice a week the Hindu temple nearby also does likewise....

Haha i pity you fools because RSSB satsang and Sikh arent the only people who do free food! If you go to Munder (Hindu Temple) they give free food. Same things as a neighborhood Buddhist Temple! I am very disappointed in your lack of knowledge.

Surinder, thanks for the info. I'd be happy to become a Hindu or a Sikh, at mealtimes at least, if there was a free kitchen near where I live. I love Indian food.

yaar y u people discuss so much........this is hindu thing .........this is of sikhs.....atleast take a look at ur institutions...........u r talking bout our institution RSSB...which is totally fake......but i pity bout ur institutions............the akalis in punjab r eating from the cash sewa in darbar sahab amritsar,paramjit sarna in delhi........and jagdish singh jheenda in haryana...all this has been made me experienced by my best amritdhari frendz in punjab. atleast nobody expects sikhs to be against gurudom..........today sikhs behave like the muslims...who disregarded sikhs and their gurus....i dont want to write more.....but let me tell u......wat u say is totally wrong ..but wat i will say.with proof will b 100% right.since i have great regard for sikh gurus i dont want to humilate there disiples.

RSSB is a sect created and supported by Indian Government to create rift in Sikhs under the divide and rule policy. The Langar is a Sikh tradition dating back almost 500 years.

I heard Steve Jobs used to have free lunch at Rama Krishna Temple on Sundays(it would be 80s). Free Food is not unique to Sikhism & RSSB, it might be unique to organizations with charity in mind. Brain I really pity you guys analyze from very western view.

"Langar" is a very active principle for Sikhs. It's not just "free food" either. It has a very deep history and connection. Guru Nanak Sahib's father gave his son a few rupees to start a business. Guru Nanak Sahib spent it on feeding the hungry through a community kitchen. That is the very basic story but it is much deeper. Sikhs have a concept of "Deg Teg Fateh," which means Victory to the Sword and the Cauldron for Food. It means more of Freedom of Economics and Justice.

"Victory to the sword"

Very peaceful people! Reminds me of another religion. Can't remember its name.

You crazies also chant "Raj Karega Khalsa" which pretty much means Sikhs will rule the world.

The punk rock band Bad Religion should use a khanda or Sikh nishan on their t shirts instead of the Cross.

Jesse, clarification on the meaning of certain words and concepts. Khalsa means a person who is pure, free from evil. “Raj karega Khalsa” means the Pure or good will rule, and this is irrespective of any religion or faith. It does not mean that sikhs will rule. Deg Teg Fateh means Victory to charity and arms, which means providing food and protection for the needy and oppressed. This signifies dual responsibility of the Khalsa.

"clarification on the meaning of certain words and concepts. "

Not really, Rosy. You're saying the PR version of the chant, not the real meaning that Sikhs actually believe.

Khalsa means pure by Sikh standards. Never has a Muslim, Hindu or Christian been referred to as a Khalsa by any Sikh.

The Khalsa are people who wear the 5 Ks and accept the GGSJ, Dasam Granth etc, by definition. That includes zero non-Sikhs. That's why they self identify as the Khalsa, and even name themselves Khalsa. It's why they themselves have an eschatology in which they themselves rule the world due to their, not anyone else's, purity and warrior spirit.

RSSB culturally and religiously appropriate sikhism...

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