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August 06, 2010


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"responsible procreation is really at the heart of society's interest in regulating marriage."

Gene testing for homosexuality and justification for therapeutic abortion just around the corner

Every good Aztec sacrifices a child for the harvest

And it goes on and on and on

Just when you think there's no hope, along comes something sensible like this. Bravo, Judge Walker.

Why shouldn't they suffer like the rest of us!- Dolly Parton (Gay Icon)

South Africa is ahead of California and already has gay marriage rights. mmm, someone's gotta open a gay chapel with a Mandela or Bishop Tutu impersonator as the priest!

Marriage is a stabilizing social element - very handy for maintaining peace and order. When male and female marry, there is a great likelihood that offspring will be the result. There are many negative consequences when one half of a married heterosexual couple decides to call it quits. It makes life difficult for the offspring. That is the fundamental reason why a promise made between a male and a female has been codified into civil law.

What is the use of codifying an agreement between two males or two females? Scientific advancements in procreative techniques notwithstanding, the fundamental context of protection of offspring is absent.

So it's really about obtaining the ancillary benefits of a marriage certificate that is the issue here. Read: tax and insurance benefits.

We can re-define marriage as a lawfully codified agreement between any two human beings, entered into expressly for the purpose of obtaining tax and insurance benefits.

Who the hell cares if two males or two females decide to call it quits?

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