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July 15, 2010


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Thanks for posting Tuscon's response! It's a keeper!


These lyrics of Maxim mean a lot to me, hope you'll enjoy:

Walk the waves which I emmenate
Displace the friend of a better taste
I prove the relics of my onslaught
Deny the truth and you will get caught
Design, project to clear your minds eye
Raise (?) fear barrier, fear carrier
Hallucinator, mind captivator
The pace that I conjure
Orginal, a miracle I wonder
I feed the addict to my venom
Rhythmic, smooth rock the pend'um
Myself, I'm so (*scratch*) glorious
I play with hopes till victorious
Gridlock within my prison
Spitting face of pure isms!

[Chorus - Maxim]
Killing the culture (Killing the culture)
Killing the culture (Killing the culture)
Creating culture (Creating culture)
Kissin' more contracts
Suicidal impacts

You've been iced, my secret sinner star
I cast the shadow, of a sorcerer
A thousand acres of critics
Two thousand hectares of addicts
Terrify, test ambition
Entice your soul, drive my piston
Reflect your soul in the mirror
Vice-captain the true sinner
Intellect when I battle
Silence snakes when I rattle
Ideas breed like algae
A beast of pure obscenity
Distort your only vision
A tyrant to the system
Fear the words spoken by the tounge
(?) by force, yet to come!


[Spoken Interlude - Maxim]
Our Father, give us this day, our daily bread
and deliver us from evil and forgive those
who tresspass against us


Impregnate points on pysche
Relocate your anxiety
Drop bombs, stain your eardrum
Release fear from the asylum
Bribe (?) to hear my seminar
Forcing will to be the major star
I'm'a start inject the vaccine
The Maxim in your bloodstream
Defy laws of physics
Dispell the myth from my cynics
Life for design, set the pace
Silent check, respect my space
Ignite a spark
Vicious and sharp
Face to face with the tutor
Bringing hell to the piper


The title church of the churchless strikes me a real test of democracy to uphold a right to worship on a blog say without being sworn at in that church.A case of individual freedoms,presented for dissection and ridicule, by who m the church fathers?
No worship in this cyberspace sense i of an individual expressing themselves on a free site should have some degree of decorum,whether or not you believe a hunan being capable of becoming god for example. For example some believe Baba jI is an incarnation of Guru Nanak-ok whats wrong with that? Are you an incarnation of Guru Nanak, how do you know you arent? How do you know he isnt? How do we know anything? OK so hes experienced God within saw Guru Nanak and Baba ji were one and the same.Freedom of expression freedom of worship, what we gonna do now.Assassinate Baba Jis ass.? Or asskiss Baba jis assassin? When we perceive someone as not having the right systems of worship like we do in place is the time we are being fanatical. Saints do come in this creation ,they are as real as the Liberty bell in Philadelphia, as real as Barack Obamas presidency.
A saint is a person who has gone to the 5th spiritual region.A perfect living master is a saint who has been appointed to initiate
souls into the science of surat shabd yoga, yoga of the sound current.I have had many interviews with 2 spiritual masters,one past one present and have had 28 years of struggle on this path ,and know it to be bona fide and fit for everyone in the planet, who want to,give up alcohol,drugs,eggs,fish,meat, lead a moral life,celibate or married and live a norma l life while meditating for a min of 2.5 hours each day as described iat initition.
Thats it really I dont agree with some that sant mat is a cult or a sect, it is neither Anyone can join the society of saints,one only has to ask It doesnt make you any greater or lesser a human being ,but it does help you overcome your problems.No I firmly believe sant mat is for everyone,its not a religion and will never become so.Assassination plot or not Baba Ji has to keep doing his job, as satguru at Beas and worldwide satsang speaker, as described in the will read out in Beas June 10 1990. Nothing can stop the spread of the teachings of the saints.

Masters of sound and light will always be in this earth to help those brave ones who wish to learn of the mysteries of surat shabd yoga. yoga of the sound current.
No master has said that they are the only ones,all masters preach the same one message.Theirs is not a religion a sect nor a cult.
How can you build a church to house the nameless,how can one race be the chosen ones when all human beings share the shabd
share the word.Masters of the system of surat shabd yoga have been ,are here now and will be in the future.Some call god ,radha soami ,yahweh, jehovah the place where we have come from,the place where we are going.Let us unite as a family of diverse beliefs at least to allow freedom of worship of this energy some call tao,shabd,kalma,When we can awaken ourselves from the strict tenets of religion and see what lies inside the holy scriptures,we will see that surat shabd yoga is the same teaching as espoused by all previous masters, once we have the courage to enquire honestly with an unbiased mind, tihei mauri ora, Manuia

"A saint is a person who has gone to the 5th spiritual region."

--Please provide the title of the person that has only gone to:
1. first region -
2. second region -
3. third region -
4. fourth region -

Thanks for the education....Roger

While both Lauren and Kent were wonderful dancers, Kent does not yet have the upper body strength to pull off many of the dance styles that involve lifting and catching his partner. He will grow into it. Lauren had strength, grace and the ability to dance every style given to her. She deserved the win. congratulations to her!

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