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July 23, 2010


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This, I like,

"Eagleman rejects not only conventional religion but also the labels of agnostic and atheist. In their place, he has coined the term possibilian: a word to describe those who “celebrate the vastness of our ignorance, are unwilling to commit to any particular made-up story, and take pleasure in entertaining multiple hypotheses.”

--Yes, the best part was, “celebrate the vastness of our ignorance, are unwilling to commit to any particular made-up story, and take pleasure in entertaining multiple hypotheses.” I don't see myself taking on the "possibilian' term, however the description sound rather good.

Does Churchlessness consist of slating all that is wrong with those who do follow some religion or does this group actually propose something to replace religion? Generally it is easier to criticise others than it is to propose something better.

That others find a need for church is clear, that those on this blog do not, is also apparent. great - so what.
Those that do follow a path, whether it be the belief in God or belief in science, get together and further their belief system.

Yippee doo !!

Yeah, Roger, but it beats the closemindedness of the certainilians or the skepticism of the probabilians.

Hakka, the alternative to blind faith, dogma, and supernatural imagination is...

Reality. Truth. Knowing the world as it is, not as how we fantasize it to be.

Yes, there is a place for fantasy, imagination, and make-believe in our lives. But when we dress up at a costume party, we know we're playing at reality and don't take it seriously.

Similarly, I often say that religion is fine, just so long as we don't mistake religious teachings for really real reality.

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