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July 09, 2010


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Some readers of this blog might have noticed a few comments left on this post by "Scientist A" and "tAo." This person also has posted as "Blankety Blank" and was posing as a regular blog commenter, "tAo." This sort of B.S. is utterly unacceptable to me, so I've deleted all comments ever left by Blankety Blank.

What this shows is just what one of the quotes in this post warned about. "We are witnessing a new intellectual dawn for our species, and the fundies are desperately scrabbling to get back into the shadows of ignorance that empower their delusions."

Fundamentalists like this deceptive commenter are willing to forego ethics in their efforts to put down science and embrace delusional religiosity.

Amen Brian


since i sleep late on saturdays, i guess i missed those comments that were posted in my name. i did not get to read them. but thanks for deleting them before someone else thinks that i posted them. although i would be interested in seeing/reading them (the comments that were posted using my name). if perchance you still have them somewhere, could you email them to me? i'm just curious what this sick bastard tried to post in my name.

i feel the same as you do, that commiting deception and fraud by using someone else's name is particularly dishonest and despicable behavior, and it should never be tolerated. this guy apparently will not hesitate to use any sort of pretense to harass and disrupt your blog, and he obviously is a sick individual. and i think we know who this is.

anyway, if you still have those particular comments, i would appreciate it if you could please copy and email it to me. if not, then thats ok too. thanks and all the best.

ps: feel free to delete this (my) comment after you read it as well.

While I agree Jon missed on this one, while this article is not to rough, there have been, I think, some over the top critisism of him. I am a fan of TDS and I can't expect the guy to be at 100% every single time. Otherwise good article!

I'm curious. I've never heard of Robinson, but I have heard other writers - some of whom are scientists - talk of the need for faith in science.

I'm not sure that particular word ("faith") is helpful, but delving into the philosophy of science does indicate that the question isn't that straightforward. Our view on reason, what exists, logic et al is prior to any doing of science. I don't have any answers to give, but I also don't worship at the altar of scientism.

I will just stop watching or listening to Jonathon Stewart Leibowitz - it was not amusing, or informative or satirical or ironic - it was just dumb. Compare any interview with Murray Gell-Mann. So astronomy will now be on a par with astrology. What was the David Hilbert quote? Or do we defer to Ronald Reagan's insight? Careful observation led to the dark matter hypothesis as much as esoteric theory: so dark matter is "Devil's Dung" or is it "souls of infidels". Pick your ignorance, Jon!

Don't you think its a little ridiculous to jump all over Jon Stewart--A TV host and possible political guru--for making a comment about science, whether erroneous or not?

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