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July 29, 2010


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When I read that that link i nearly threw up literally. I remember when I was a RS, my mum used to listen to Babanis satsangs, she used to say he is very proficient, he has seen all the stages etc.
I used to think wow, I want to be like that one day.
But in reality he was just preaching.

There are many doctors, dentists,lawyers etc that follow RS, this makes RS credible to some. But its all about psychological feelings, RS and other religions/sects are very good at making depressed people feel good.
I put my hands up, i was going through a hard time in my life a few years ago, I used to listen to Charans satsangs after College for 3-4 hours. I felt good, I used to say to myself, this pain is temporary, I will go to Sachkhand after death.

What these RS followers don't do is look at RS from a critical perspective, especially the older folks.

Alot of RS followers say that by attending satsangs you are eradicating your sins and consuming parshad also helps to eradicate sins. Also I've heard many satsangis say that Baba Ji has back problems and diabetes because of our karmas.
Does that sound right? If you tell your average Joe the above, he'll say what the hell?
I believe Brian made his breakthrough when he looked at RS from a critical perspective.

Tara and Gaz,

I had also read that post quite a while ago. In fact, I was hoping to ask Tara about it through this blog assuming that she might have more first hand info on the issue.

I myself was very fond of Mr. Babani's (and also Mr. Mange Ram's) satsangs, and still have some CDs of them. In my opinion, both of them were very articulate in their satsangs.

I am sure many others would also be interested in the issue, and am glad that somebody like Tara is taking the initiative to bring out the truth about Mr. Babani's treatment at the hands of RSSB.


I fully agree with you that the real issue is to know who is paying for GSD's travel expenses. In fact, I would go a step further to say that even if RSSB is paying for GSD's "official" trips, that's ok, but they should be transparent about all those expenditures. On the other hand, if the official and business/personal trips are all mixed up, then it should definitely be a matter of concern.


The doc about the organization adviser was on local television. However there are some links on the net that give a better understanding about sociopaths. I'll provide them below.

The thing is that one should ask who is capable of cheating an old man out of his home like done in the story before. Who is capable of closing down all the charity while living among people that are in much need of it. Who is capable of riding a Mercedes Benz when the people around him are starving. Who is capable of getting millions of dollars for personal use while the people that adore you again live in poverty. Who would feel nothing in that situation? Who would be capable of maintaining an objective business view in that situation? Certainly Charan could not and that makes him a good spiritual person. Some people are from the world and some people are not someone used to say ;)

'sociopath next door' is a good book


If I add it all up than it is a pity that good spiritual behavior has become suspect. I mean the nonsense with the eggs and the ridiculous ego politics of RSSB is easily confused with the sense of a real spiritual attitude. It has really destroyed some good stuff in me. Glad I realize it at last :)

Radhasoami mat is true mat and nobody can do wrong eith rssb




all the people who dont know about the babaji should not talk anything about him


It's HIM who protects us, not we protect him :). Man kind has always been doing crazy things and this was no exception. They crucified Jesus's body and thought they killed him :). He is always here in one form or the other guiding us loving us and protecting us from those who have wandered. Blessed are those who have received the grace of Naam and are now meditating with love. I wish I could be one of them. I love my Babaji.

Baba ji is God

Brian tara etc is brainless insensitive people. Satsangies should be aware that God in human form ( it means Babaji) has not come for all souls. These souls are in clutches of negative power. Anything extreme positivity does not suit them. they think that they can convert mind of Babaji's followers by putting their own mental thoughts. They are power hunger, who want to prove that negativity is more powerful that positivity. That is the reason they are trying from last many years to convert RSSb followers into faithless worshipper of negative power. All their attempts are in vain. Most of Western world people are badly in clutches of bad habbits, meat eaters and human eaters as well with their cunning sharp mind, sharp eyes and sharp teeth to kill everything to meet their own selfish ends like animals. they do not have human sensitivity, compassion, kindness and love for God and His living creatures. I would request to all Satsangies not to comment on this blog of animals. PRAY TO GOD TO KILL THEM QUICKLY FOR THE SIN OF HURTING PEOPLE AND MISGUIDING THEM FROM TRUE PATH TO EVIL PATH........... Beas is like a open school. Anyone can come to take admission at their will. But nonone is forced or misguided. This thing is made clear in every satsang that they do not need to come back if they can not put it into practice. so non one can claim that they were mentally brain washed or physically forced to follow this path.

ahahha human eaters

According to this logic, the dude who died in the car crash in canada wasnt GOD. Still he had thousands of brainwashed indians following him (parents forcing their kids ofc) Makes me wonder how you guys are so sure about GSD...

Nindia na karo Bhogni ta aapan nu paini.Eh ta daraj hai SGGS wich. Fir why "Nindia" in debate

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