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July 29, 2010


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is it a correct news because none has responded from dera beas...so lets not spread the rumors

That's horrible, I'm glad the guru ok regardless of what i might think of his beliefs. I'm also glad you are ok, given you "could have" been there in the past.

I want to add more, but am exhausted so hope you'll take my good wishes in the spirit they were intended, Brian.

How can people be so cruel ? Babaji is not a common man, he knows where what is going on. They are fools who even think of harming him.

Here's a link to another story about the planned attack:

These stupid people got no moral in life, dats why they thought they can harm THE MASTER.BABA JI wants to go every where freely where his followers are.they dont need any security or any protection.

unbelievable ,he is a great guru .he gives way to live life .how can people may think of doing so.

I was shocked to hear the news about Gurinder. I am glad he is alright ofcourse. No matter what we may think of him he has the right to life like everyone else...

As with any religion you are bound to get extremists. On the whole, Sikhs per se are fine, tolerant, and open-minded people with high principles.

Extremists only make a near non-existent portion of the the Sikh Community itself. Yet, they have been now, and again a problem with the Radhasoami Faith in the past.

Such extremists tend to regard gurus in general as being fakes, or crooks who are just living off the money of others. But how much do we REALLY know about the 10 Sikh gurus of the past? After all they were a line of HUMAN gurus??

Moreover, it is ofcourse absurd beyond belief that a book (ie. the so-called Guru Granth!!) should be treated as a Living Master...but it was a clever ploy of Gobind Singh (the last Sikh human guru) to ensure the "purity" of the Sikh Teachings..

When I go to Satsang irrespective of whether the present Master is perfect, or otherwise there is a overwhelming sea of higher conciousness of love, and power. You do NOT get this is in "dead" churches, "dead" mosques, or indeed, "dead" gurdwaras...!

its actually very bad . they should be ashamed

Baba ji is not a simple man baba ji is God so they know everything so those person who are envolved in this rubbish work are totally mad. No one can fight with God. And this is a warning for those pers who has planned this be careful in future, they cant do anything to our God-Vicky


Its so sad to know this-but the persons trying this didnt know what they are upto-trying what against whom! Extremists are always against Saints-its so shameful and sad@

i am surprised,how mortal can kill or murder immortal.

such a shameful and unhuman and foolish act they didnt even know what were they upto and to whom they were thinking of harming,he is the master knows everything

with the exception of Brian, all of the commenters above are obviously crazy cult lunatics.

and a cult leader like GS who goes parading around as if he were some kind of holy gihf guru-king... well he has made himself a target, so i have no sympathy for him whatsoever.

a rich man who flaunts himself by riding around like a king (or guru) in a gilded carriage amongst the common people, invites thieves and robbers... or extremists who hate him and want to kill him.

a wise man, on the other hand, remains humble and ordinary and goes on his way quietly.

it is just a matter of a short time before the certain downfall of a man like that. the now impending apocalypse will not spare those of his ilk. he alone has brought it all upon himself.

I don't think this is anything new. There were threats against Charan Singh (RSSB guru before gurinder) at the time of my second visit to the dera in 1984. Armed guards were on duty at strategic points in the compound. This seemed weird to me at the time. Why does GIHF need armed guards? Why doesn't he just adjust the karmic situation from his vantage point in the astral or causal? The guns were pretty funky. Looked like relics from WW I. I saw no modern semi-auto assault rifles. I bet they have them now.

tAo, do you have any links or info on the impending apocolypse you mention? You can send to my email. Thanks.

If you buy into the GHIF storyline, why do believers think that GS would necessarily protect himself ? Take the Christ fable as precedent.

These stupid people got no moral in life, dats why they thought they can harm THE MASTER.BABA JI wants to go every where freely where his followers are.they dont need any security or any protection.

unbelievable ,he is a great guru .he gives way to live life .how can people may think of doing so.

I was shocked to hear the news about Gurinder. I am glad he is alright ofcourse. No matter what we may think of him he has the right to life like everyone else... As with any religion you are bound to get extremists. On the whole, Sikhs per se are fine, tolerant, and open-minded people with high principles.

Extremists only make a near non-existent portion of the the Sikh Community itself. Yet, they have been now, and again a problem with the Radhasoami Faith in the past. Such extremists tend to regard gurus in general as being fakes, or crooks who are just living off the money of others. But how much do we REALLY know about the 10 Sikh gurus of the past? After all they were a line of HUMAN gurus??

Moreover, it is ofcourse absurd beyond belief that a book (ie. the so-called Guru Granth!!) should be treated as a Living Master...but it was a clever ploy of Gobind Singh (the last Sikh human guru) to ensure the "purity" of the Sikh Teachings.. When I go to Satsang irrespective of whether the present Master is perfect, or otherwise there is a overwhelming sea of higher conciousness of love, and power. You do NOT get this is in "dead" churches, "dead" mosques, or indeed, "dead" gurdwaras...!

I am a Sat Sangi. Notice, Guru Babaji was not harmed. The rest of us are now on notice, and should be mindful and vigilant when we attend any sat sang where Babaji will be present. Every follower should become a personal body guard and close in around Him, protect Him. Perhaps this is a head's up for us. Yes, Jesus the Christ, allowed Himself to be crucified. Is this what we, His followers want for our Master? Or is it Divine providence?

Mr. TAO this for you not Upinder sorry Upinder ..GOD just forgive you(tao) what u said..dear u even dont know the power and love the MATER GS..so u said soo..u commented like a child who just do whatever he likes but not try to understand the other.. so dear GD is the master with grace, simple, silent, full of love that is the lamp of life..and u people thought otherway.. actually the fact is the MASTeR is out of u people mind and thoughts..u can never understand his kindness.. because for that u have to be kind and full love.

oh He Gall Hogee!

It is a shemless effort.These people don't know what they are doing. Baba ji is god and no one can fight with god.

vishal sharma, gpdang, pema sonam, manoj lathwal, jatinder, and robert searle... you guys are all totally nuts.

one way or another, you have all lost your marbles... that is, if you ever had any in the first place.

you just don't get it.

cult gurus who put themselves up in that sort of exalted position, high up on a pedestal, ususally end up getting shot down... sooner or later.

it's the way of life. those who pretend holiness, fasle masters who ride in gilded carriages, invite robbers and thieves.

the only master is one who is a master of himself.

those who claim to be a master of others (or allow others to believe in them) are no masters at all. the only 'master' is one who has mastered himself alone.

pretentious elitist cult leaders who set themselves up as being holier-than-thou pseudo-gods, are the worst of the worst of humanity. they are crooks, rats and turds. and imo, in their next life they will be a worm in hell.

and so all of you who are so bereft of any self-esteem that you stoop to worship and believe in these crooks... well you are nothing but a bunch of suckers.

and you may likely end up in the same damned place as those whom liars and crooks whom you worship... if you don't wake up soon and become real human beings.

@Non-believers. The Lord himself instills that faith in us and draws us toward him. If he does not want you to believe then no matter what you will not believe. But remeber when your last hour comes and the angels of death come in front of your eyes, then you will know the opportunity you had.

I was shocked to learn from the indian newspapers that a conspiracy on the life of RSSB HEAD was hatched in vienna by some unscrupulous persons.
These persons did not know that RSSB HEAD is GOD in human form. HE is giving the message of unity to its true origin.
HE is GOD and nobody is able to harm HIM.such persons should accept his guidance absouletly to free themselves from the cycle of death and birth.

To Tara,et al,

I do believe that GS is probably a "maha-crook". But like you, and me he has a soul, and Higher Self, or Personal God. If any of his predecessors were Perfect then there is every chance in ones meditation that spiritual development would continue apace. As far as I am concerned GS is not a perfect personality but it is my belief rightly, or wrongly that he is linked to higher forces for the good.

I have explained all this before in connection with a) the Sawan Singh quote b)and the ideas of Faqir Chand. Try, and think DIFFERENTLY,AND OUT OF THE BOX. This point goes to the rest of the readers on this blog.
It is too easy to reach obvious conclusions..anyone can do it!!

However, genuine spiritual teachers do exist. One such person is Harjit Singh with whom I had an awakening already described here onsite. The subtle energies of higher conciousness experienced were very real, and far beyond anything you would experience in any church, temple, mosque, or gurdwara...or even on top of the Himalayas!!

Moreover, Harjit is accessible. You can phone him up, and also pick up the energies waves coming through. He does not live in a palace but in a modest home in Southall. As far as I know he is working, and spends most of his spare time in seclusion doing meditation. Like the Southall RS Satsang his house radiates higher energies of conciousnes beyond its perimeters.

There is no initiation. But if a seeker is genuine spontaneous initiation (ie. an awakening as already indicated) will probably occur.

See link if it is working alright


God himself never comes on this earth. He comes in the form of simple humanbeing to teach people and to guide them the right path. Baba Ji is the real God. We need the inner eyes to see their presence. No one in this great world can harm Baba Ji as people who planned this rubbish job does not know his almighty powers.He is a great Guru/master who shown the right Path. How can people may think of doing so.

that's unbelivebale , how can a man kind do that, baba ji was never against any one still people got problem. its a shame.


May be the reason why Gurinder has people to protect him(though you claim that he does not need to because he is GIHF...but this is missing the point!) against terrorists especially in India is because the government there WANTS to ensure peace, and stability to continue...otherwise the murder of one, or more of the most prominient gurus would lead to wholescale rioting....

Here's another article on this subject dated July 31 (today). Headline: "Amarinder Singh condemns plan to attack Radha Soami sect head."


To Rajesh Midha, et al,

"....Baba Charan Singh has conferred his status to "Baba Gurinder Singh"

This is incorrect when examined more deeply.

Charan Singh clearly indicated in his Will he received an order from his inner Master Baba Sawan Singh for Gurinder Singh to be the successor to RS Beas Satsang...even though Charan may well have had some doubts about him...

Tara, even without hearing from Rajesh, I decided to remove his mobile number. I'd feel more comfortable if he left an email address where he could be contacted. Then he could decide whether to share his number with particular people.

Like you said, I'm not sure he thought through the pros and cons of leaving his number, and I want to be sure he doesn't have problems with the "cons." But if he reads our comments and really wants to do so, that's up to him.

good to know BABA JI is ok,i dont know people hates this santmat.We heard songs,attend live concerts and crazy about actors/actresses and why do we hate the good persons who give us a good path? If you dont agree with them just leave it,we like him very much.Please dont try this shamefull act again.

I don't know how the peoples think to harm such great personalities who are true saint of present world. Its really a matter of shame. But My Master knows everything and all happens by his well only. He knows everything years before what going to happen in future. The guards or police are his followers or sent by God.
Simply no one can think to stand before great MASTER without his well.
We should not waste our usefull time on such poor strategies done by poor brains.
Simply my master Baba gi who is everyones master is greatest.

Rajesh, I"ve done what you asked: remove your comments. I've even removed the comments where you asked me to remove your comments. Your messages haven't been deleted, just unpublished. So if you ever want them restored, let me know.



Not I, but you seemed to have missed the point ! Why does a GIHF need gun-bearing guards to protect himself ? It is as simple as that.

Yes, you have missed the point again. It is the government which probably wants Gurinder protected. They may well pay for it in part. I do not know the legal set up of this..

Ofcourse, a real GIHF would not need protecting strictly speaking! Yet, it would still be the concern of the government because they do not want any trouble if there was a successful assassination!!Comprenda!!

No, I do not think that GSs predessors would be "pissed off" with him as such. They would see it as the working out of the Will of God. For whatever reason (probably a desire on the Divine to start winding up RSSB) we appear to have an imperfect Satguru.

I did mention before the quote from Sawan Singh, and the Faqir Chand claims which you do not seem to mentally understand in connection with imperfect gurus. I do not see why I have to continually repeat myself.

Here's a link to the updated story that Gypsy mentioned in a comment above: "Austrian police release three after arrests at religious talk"


people who attacked my guru are bluddy fool, nonsense, idiot, bitch,kaminey, pig's children, cockroaches of drain, potty of me and i wanna flush them up.

I wanna say he is the god in human clothes. Those people are stupid who are not understanding him. We shouldn't harm them as they had come to earth for us only to take us in the feet of god.

i think you people TAO,TARA,Robert are paid off for such roumers..and try to distract the followers of RSSB..but i just want to clear one thing here that those who know RSSB sant mat and path of truth and honesty...will not be distrubed by you guys roumers and miss statments about the master... The master Gurinder sing or any other RSSB guru never claimed that they are the master but we followers knew the fact as we saw the fact inside..we have felt that truth inside..and moreover its a humble request to u guys that dont waist your time and energy for blaiming The MASTER.. the master is so kind that he'll forgive your sin and give u the wisdom..pls beware of missleading the RSSB followers...

@Rajesh i request you please dont beleave the culprit as they try to misslead you and others... I have checked with many followers and others and in the market too..
there is nothing like that.. this is the only new style to missguide we RSSB followers... but we should have faith in our guru... as there is not a single chance of mistake in him...

i am not able to understand why the people straching this like gum... Radha swami is the pure santmat nothing else.. please dont try to distract and missguide the followers of RSSB.. just because of RSSB MASTER like we people have changed our life in a great manner.. just because of the MASTER grace we are in safe hand.. so no worry wt people write here or outside.. we know our pitha our GOD our MASTER so we don't require to give anybody explanation.. but this for the people like TARA..TAO.. u people r doing ur work so keep going guys we RSSB followers know wt our MASTER is..so no worry.. we r so blessed and thankfull that we are in light of Gurinder Sing's...

We Love you Babaji!!
May you live very very long life in your physical body and keep blessing the humanity with your godly love and grace...
God give my whole families life years to my great master as he have to server this humanity and forgive us for our sins..

Harpreet, Navjot Kaur, Prem Jhamb, Rajesh Midha, Satinder, Tashdeep Nagpal, Manoj Lathwal, Gurdeep Singh Dhillon, and others of your kind... pay attention:


You are ALL nothing more than a bunch of lame-brained apologists for RS and its blatantly fraudulent and corrupt leader/guru.

You offer nothing more than mindless babble and empty knee-jerk rhetoric.

You have no knowledge or understanding of the real facts.

You are blind suckers and cult sychophants, and your guru is a total sham who manipulates and exploits you.

You cannot prove anything, and you never will.

Your beliefs are based upon a lie.

There have been a great many other fools just like you, throughout the course of human history.

You are doomed to remain trapped in an illusion, a cult, and worshipping a false god.

I really feel sorry for people like you, people who are so foolish and lost.

Robert Searle,

i agree with Tara... i have no interest in your nonsense mental concoctions. i know exactly what rssb teaches, and so does Tara.

you are (quite obviously) yet another apologist for the radha soami cult and its current false guru.

and your 'woo-woo' regarding harjit is only more of the same kind of rubbish.

and your politicalnotions about the need for security are mere speculation. the point is that only ordinary mortal humans (not gods) have any need for bodily protection... and that is the point. people who believe that some stupid cult guru is a god with divine power, are quite clearly irrational and delusional, aka insane. so these indian devotees who comment here recently, are therefore insane. but that is a common condition amongst the superstitious and religious minded.

also, you would not have any need for either perfect, or imperfect gurus... if you would but go and derive directly from the source.

Jatinder wrote:-
Well, that's about as absurd as believing that Gurinder is God, but needs human security ! The RSSB ' copy-paste ' style of spirituality siphons entire chapters from the Guru Granth and other ' holy ' books, so maybe they should come up with something entirely unique. What do you say ? And, why does Gurinder want to dress and look like a ' Sikh Guru ' when RSSB blatantly debunks dogma ? Also, picking a title like ' Baba Ji ' which is akin to Guru Nanak, could be a termed as clever little ploy ! Sorry, but I think that the churches, gurudwaras and mosques you refer to as ' dead ' are a shade better than the Satsang you attend. I've read most of your comments, it seems like you enjoy an ' overwhelming ' sense of euphoria. Boy ! You got to go visit the himalayas...

Hello Jatinder:-

If you check the scrptures of any other religion they too converge somewhere or other u will find Dohas or banis of Kabir, Namdas,Tulsidas, sufi saints,Christ in the writing of any religious book(i don't think any religious guru had ever told that his or her writing's are personal properties of any sect).
Secondly Baba Gurinder Singh Ji's dress is same as other Gurus of his faith right from start and I don't think its emulated from any one.

Thats true our babaji is a living master in a human form, these people who dont understand santmat its useless to make them understand its beyond there reach .we are so lucky to be a part of this path.we love you babaji.

I request to all the followers of rssb please leave d company of non believers please.its not our duty to convince them for santmat.Baba ji knows how HE will conveince them ,in this birth or in the next 'afterall they are all HIS sons.As respected Bani says" SO BHULAY JISE BHULAI SOI BUJHAY JISE BUJHAINDA|" so plz do finish this topic of controversy. Radha soami.

Dear Site Management Team
Thanks as my request to not to publish my earlier comments has been well accepted.
Dear earlier comments were emotional and may create otherwise impressions. So I further request that may earlier comments must not be published. But now I send my comments and comments being sent from today onwards may be published and these will convey the truth.Rajesh Midha


I have a question....

Why didn't Jesus stop the attacks on him...he knew they were coming, also why didn't the Sikh Guru's stop the attacks on them?? After all they were all GIHF.


Dear Tara.

I feel pity for you, secondly I don't want to argue with you on this point coz what's my faith is mine and whats your's is ur's.
I know what my guru is and I don't think that we need any clarification from anyone.
Regarding scriptures I don't think you have ever read ur own forget about RSSB. Otherwise u would have never said such a thing.
Like I earlier said the teachings of any Guru are not personal property of any religion they belong to the whole humanity.
I agree that Guru Gobind Singh Ji had said that there would be no guru for the Sikhs after him but mind it RSSB is not for any particular religion or for sikhs its for whole humanity.

I think human itself is God within himself and search to find "Perfect Master"is still on and Ist is to find within yourself 2nd by
virtue of grace someone may search. Being a
strong follower of RSSB ,now its under ????
range .True satisfaction was perceived but
after finding links with Corporates ,now I
think nobody has left the perishable world
untouched. So we all must try the following to make our lives successful. I request all
to read my below mentioned lines ,if found
fit ,have to be followed:
(1) Love with all whether human beings or animals or other creations of world.
(2) Keep always patience and never react to
anyone who misbehaves you .Keep violence aside thoroughly
(3) Make "Love" the theme to survive as it
entails all we need for survival.
(4) In this "Kaliyuga" we must try our best
to have our physique fit by morning walks as
by physical fitness our day activities runs
as we desire.So follow the principle"Health
is Wealth"
(5) Accumulate wealth but with best possible
efforts that peacefulness is not harmed.
(6) Avoid illwillness from root so that love
interse all is best maintained.
(7) Today we see newspapers and through all
sources of Media that Riots and Tensions are
rising ,we must do our best effort to evade.
(8) Lack of Knowledge is most harmful ,so we
must best try to procur knowledge to needed so that all negatives are removed from our social lives.
(9) Best strategy to see the lives happy is to take pains wherever required and meditate
to procur amicable solutions of all discords.
(10) We see that in relationships ,money has
become supreme element for which all relations are kept aside.We must ensure that
sacrifices to take place so that relations
are amicably maintained followinmg the spirit that each one will go back with empty hands .
(11) If we have found that to whom we have
surrendered all is not favouring the desired ethics,we must fololow the above stated 10 principles to live amicably.There
must be no despair as each time whenevr we
are most disappointed ,we reenergise our
confidence level and start the race further
but now with own efforts following the above staed 10. Rajesh Midha

I have accepted This path as my way home I have found the characteristics of Baba Ji to be one which I'm satisfied with. Nothing anyone says can change that. But we should refrain from arguments about religion...wether Baba Ji is real or not. I can say this that I and my family have had many many experiences that have proven to be real in the sense of the master in our daily life and seeing him within and beyond. It's sad that we fight over realness. Just practice what makes you happy and let other practice what makes them happy.


I don't know from where they get all this nonsense from ? I was there on both 2 days of satsang and Baba ji's visit in Vienna . It wasn't such a big deal as they claimed it to be in the news. We were all sitting inside the hall waiting for Baba Ji and then some Austrian police men walk in and escort an Indian Sikh outdoor and there they confronted him and he revealed there were others inside too . There were no explosives or such . I think he just wanted to protest and create problems .

Anyways everybody had a good time and were very fortunate to see Baba Ji and attend the Q & A's later .


babaji,know each and every thing
woh ek-2 chij di khabara rakhda hai,babaji nu sab pata hai.he is a god.

i really feel sad to hear this kind of news.

@ Tara, you dont know what you are saying or what you mean. Ignorence is prevailing your mind. try to differenciate between good n evil. if you do not keep good opinion abpout anyone then you dont have to even keep nagitive views at least when it comes to someones emotions and faith.

Tara, I dont ever recall any message from Dera about discussing RSSB on the internet. You are wrong about that. What Dera wants stopped are the non official videos on you tube and non official web sites about RSSB which i agree with.

But lets be honest here we shouldn't be arguing on who's write and who's wrong. God is not just for RSSB initiates he is for the creation. We are all on our own paths to help us gain that salvation that we all look for. After all Baba Ji has said it himself that it would be ignorant for him to say that this is the only path...it is one of the paths. So for people like me I have accepted the path and Baba Ji as my master to help me gain that salvation that I'm looking for. For others it maybe different path and different master. Live and let live...2 things which should never be argued are 1)Politics and 2)Religion....

pm, hey, life would be a lot more boring if we couldn't argue about politics and religion.

Also, here's the directive from RSSB regarding Internet discussions (got this from the Yahoo Radha Soami studies group). Looks like you've been going against the Guru's Will. Bad karma!

SCNI refers to the South Central USA RSSB newsletter, I'm pretty sure.

[MAY 1996]

Use of Electronic Media for Sant Mat Communications

As a follow-up to the statement in the March issue of SCNI regarding the use of E-Mail and the Internet for Sant Mat communications, we have recently received the following letter.

"With access to electronic media such as the Internet and the Web Site now being available to many in this age of communication, it is found that they are being used increasingly for the exchange of information between satsangis and other groups concerning Radha Soami Satsang Beas and the spiritual teachings of Sant Mat. This information may be factually correct; however, there may be inaccuracies in either of fact or interpretation. Sometimes we are portrayed positively, sometimes negatively.

Naturally, satsangis can get perturbed at seeing us presented in an
inaccurate manner or interpreted in an incorrect way. It is emphasized, however, that our path is one of pure spirituality, and concerns an individual personally. It is a path where we try to avoid controversies. We do not want to react to others, criticize others, nor to create any kind of disharmony or unpleasantness with anyone by pursuing the matter unnecessarily.

Therefore, it would be better to ignore whatever may appear on the
electronic media concerning ourselves. We need not bother or worry ourselves about how other portray us or see us, even if they view us in an unfavourable light.

Satsangis are advised not to use E-mail, or other media such as Internet to conduct satsangs, formal or informal, or to communicate or distribute Sant Mat teachings, Sant Mat literature, Sant Mat related photographs, satsangi names, addresses and initiation data, or other similar material of
confidential nature.

In addition, Web-Sites & Home Pages should not be used for any purpose at all connected with Sant Mat."

"After all Baba Ji has said it himself that it would be ignorant for him to say that this is the only path...it is one of the paths."

--IMO, it would be strange for the Baba Ji to say that this (RSSB) is not the only path. Redirecting someone to another path wouldn't be a smart thing to do. Are there several forms of Salvation, or only one?
Why all these paths to only one Salvation?

"So for people like me I have accepted the path and Baba Ji as my master to help me gain that salvation that I'm looking for."

--Nothing wrong with this person searching for his/her conceptualized Salvation, that he/her is looking for. Likewise, I can see the need to find a "salvation-finder" type person to help in this finding. If this found salvation isn't what I'm looking for, then I would simply find a new Salvation-finder and go down a different path.
I prefer a "high" quality Salvation. Therefore, I need to find the very best Salvation-finding guru. Please, nothing cheap for me. I now go forth, with my chin held high....

Hi Brian,

But its something that I myself may be at fault for not something I would consider Karma...but it is true how accurate can it be if we assume something and put it on the web and its been twisted and added onto. The Guru's will goes far beyond posting on the internet.

Also I think we should refrain from arguments and have more of a discussion. Your view is different from mine and should be able to discuss and not kill each other. This is what has caused all the grief in the world people thinking that they are better than others and which leads to our emotions getting out of control and leads to words which are said which may pierce ones hearts. Bashing one is not rite wether the person is worshiping a rock or god in human form. We all have our own levels of understanding what is rite and whats wrong for us is something that comes from our hearts.


pm, I agree with you. Yes, our understanding of what is right and wrong comes from our hearts. Absolutely.

If we all admit to this, and don't claim that our own personal feeling about right or wrong comes from God, or some other absolute source, then we can get along much more smoothly.

Like I said in another comment, my wife feels there is one way to maintain a sink. I have another feeling. We can discuss the pros and cons of wiping a sink down after each use, with neither of us believing that one way is the absolute right way.

But what if one of was considered to be "perfect," with a special knowledge of what is right and wrong? This would mess up our discussing, and our relationship. My wife would simply say, "I know what's right, and this is how we're doing to do things in this house."

(Actually, this isn't too far from how things actually are -- which is the case in a lot of marriages, where the wife rules the nest and the husband rules... something ... if I could just think of it... oh, the remote control!)

baba ji know each and every think ,what is going on in this world.thos people who trying to do this, never get a head.................................radha sowami to all who love baba ji =)

Tara, thanks for adding the reminder about this blog's comment policy. I don't like to not publish comments that have been submitted, especially if someone has ranted long and hard on one.

But people need to be at least minimally thoughtful, respectful of others, and make some sense. Here's an example that came in today of a comment that won't be published. It ends with:
........ny satsangi cn answer ur bullshit perfectly well but mare hue ko kya maarna? r u like so dumb seriously cant u see u v been at mistake all d tym u nvr did sewa wid hrt ....u nvr did meditate ...u jst were foolin urself!try again i suggest ..this tym wid remorse for ur sins n luv in ur heart ....t ll work..5th sept is satsang at dera ....take ma wrds! gd bls ya radsha soami PS:seriously i tried ma bst to b gud wid u....still if i hve crossed d limits f hw one sud b tokin to an elder m so sorry!but tum kaam he aise kr rhe ho!lolz

Dude, I don't expect everybody to write perfect English, but I really can't understand a lot of what you're saying. (Maybe I don't text message enough.)

And no offense, but your comment started off as shown below. Hey, I was 18 once and thought I knew a lot. Which, I didn't. You might want to consider listening to people who are older and wiser than yourself with a little more thoughtfulness before dashing off a stream of consciousness response.

how dare u?who do u think u are?if u urself r absurd.....ok perfectly fine......but u v gt no rite hurt sentiments of millions........?????????matlab yaar!pagal ho kya tum!!!!!i am 18 !turned 18 this march n i cn understand hw dumb you actually are.....

I have noticed a number of posts (presumably of Asian origin) in which the English is poor.Some of it if I am not mistaken may even verge onto the threatening about criticising Gurinder. Such sources may be from so-called Satsangis.

However, Sant Mat clearly states that even those who criticise the Guru will not be sent to hell but rather forgiven!!! Indeed, Charan Singh said that "Critics are our best friends!!!" This sentiment though may not necessarily be shared by Gurinder...but ofcourse if he is a "True Master" he would not seriously criticise anyone in the public arean. Toerance, and forgiveness of others is all part of the Sant Mat teaching which some people may forget about onsite.


As you have already been published in the proper sense of the word it might be a good idea to turn "investigative journalist" and write an expose on the RSSB. Such a book could be entitled Cult Exposed, or something like that....You would probably make more money out of that than your other works!!!
May be you could co-author it with David Christopher Lane?? Who knows!

I suspect the above idea has passed through your mind...


"However, Sant Mat clearly states that even those who criticise the Guru will not be sent to hell but rather forgiven!!!"

--What would someone have to do to be sent to hell? Specify a Guru sending to hell act. In addition, describe Hell, according to RSSB literature. Thanks Roger

Stupid if someone says that we can't understand God. Perhaps I can't but assuming God follows logic someone will one day or together we will. If God can not be understand it must be because he acts irrational.
So if Gurinder says we don't understand relicare than he must take the time to explain.

no one can harm babaji,those people who tried to harm baba ji. They might be in big mistake as there are lots of fake babas in india,so they think babaji is one of them, but they donot know the reality, now its in front them.,,,,,,just use your brain how babaji knows that someone there in parking with their foolish ideas,,,,come on he is the one who creates us.

who can harm d one whoz tkin care f all d universe n beyond!
strange ppl.....but nt their fault ...they dun knw d truth!

Both avarice and sin are the King and Minister and falsehood is the Master of Minit. Lust, the assistant official, is summoned and consulted and they all sit together and chalk out evil plans.
The subjects are blind and, without wisdom, they satisfy the Official's fire or greed with bribe carrion. The divines dance, play musical instruments and disguise and decorate themselves. They shout aloud and sing of epic poems and heroes tales. The fools call themselves scholars and with devices and cavils, they love to amass wealth. The virtuous disfigure their meditotious acts by asking for the door of salvation. They call themselves continent leave their home and hearth and know not the way of life. imperfect and done call himself imperfect. Everyone deems himself perfect and none call himself imperfect. If the weight of honour be put into the hind scale, then alone, O Nanak, the man appears properly weighed.

No one can harm the perfect guru,, Baba ji is a unique power in a human body, He knew everything going on in this world and beyond this world.


raj = a brain-less babbling bonehead.

surbhi = an illiterate babbling lunatic.

ganpat rai = a power-less know-nothing goon

babaji = a soul-sucking vampire wolf in sheep's clothing.

you brainless, evil people, try to belive in live and let live!!!!!who has the power to decide what is wrong or what is right??? dats just god !!! ok!!! n for those who think that BABAJI is fake and oll that.,.,give me an answer of this question,.,., why babaji could nt been attacked by those 4 dickheads,.,.,.,.,n babaji didn run away like otha cowards, k.,.,he stayed thr and did satsang, eve afta d incident!!!!!! he knows everythng k and he doesnt need protection frm anyone,,.,.,

A GOD who tells us a way to meet GOD and attack on such Guru it shows that the terrorism has lack of sense. They should also listen satsangs of BABA JI.

Guys, what is this fuss about???
What are you folks fighting over? The whole discourse needs a revisit and questioning over the need of this debate.

Someone is preaching something and there are people who agree with him and some who disagree. Why can't both these lots stay at home in their beliefs and opposition? An attempt to answer the existential questions is a personal enterprise and certainly not something which can be carried out over a blog like this.

I do not know about GSD and his teachings, but what infuriates me is since time immemorial man has been trying to influence another man's beliefs - spiritual or religious. We've screwed up big time with the idea of God and various religions. Let's keep our beliefs very very personal since the relationship between man and God is extremely personal.

Nietzsche (Friedrich, not the blogger here) by the way went insane trying to oppose Christian values of empathy and kindness. Ironically, his last sane emotion was that of empathy when he saw a horse collapse under the weight of a cart in Vienna and held horse's head and wept.

Point is, life has this uncanny habit of surprising us with what it is about. Reason is very good, but an attitude of openness and tolerance towards anything other than what we are used to can take us a long way.

oh boy !wtf crap is tat?Idun think u r very gud wid "translations"(not tat u r gud at anything else for that mtr ,xcept for givin dumb logics fcourse)
gimme 1 gud reason to support tat u r sane n dun cum straight from a mental asylum!
strange tat dumb-ass mudheads like u come here to judge odrs!

u ppl r strange n stupid at d same tym!n top f it u seem to b actually takin pride in being a lunatic f highest order!.....


Ofcourse, if there are real Satsangis here they should not criticize others, or use insulting language. This is contrary to the the Teachings of the Saints. Strictly speaking, such Satsangis should not even be debating Gurinder Singh on here...if ofcourse they are genuinely following the Teachings....moreover, if one believes in Babaji he does not require others to verbally defend him!!!

I'm totally lost for words reading the vicious comments on this site, believers or non-believers. Believe what you may, everyone has right to choose their path, if we ourselves can't prove the 'truth' who are we to slash others? What right do any of us have over anyone? None.
Get on with your lives, life is very short. I'm feel very ashamed as a grown up human being to read such verbal attacks on this site. At the end of the day, we will live with our conscience, good or bad. When we die we will 'result' in our actions - good or bad. So live and let live and let others be!

Roger asked,

What would someone have to do to be sent to hell? Specify a Guru sending to hell act. In addition, describe Hell, according to RSSB literature.

I think the whole creation is considered to be hell according to satsangs of RSSB, anyway the answers to some quesitons by the True Master, Maharaj Charan Singh of RSSB could be very much helpful.

....Saints come into this world with the key, this world being a big jail we are all in, each serving his own sentence according to his karma, fate or destiny, whatever you want to call it. So, saints just open the gate for us and set us free to go back to the Lord. Nothing can compare withe their mercy and grace.

Every soul has a two-fold purpose: First, to help ourselves, to get redemption from the mind, to get release from the mind, to make ourselves purer and second, to help others to come on the path. Naturally, when anyone gets something very precious, he is always anxious to share it with those whom he loves. He is anxious to share that treasure with his friends and with the people whom he is interested.

However, if we have not found a Living Master and refuse to travel that path, refuse to think about the Lord, have absolutely no devotion for Him, have no desire whatsoever to go Home, we will not continue to get a human body; we have to go down into a lower species.

But a satsangi, one who is initiated by True Master will not reincarnate into animal form, even if his karma was bad, he will not be sent lower than the human birth. It is not necessary for that soul to come back into the animal form. We do not come down. We go up. Such a person may get another human form and in that form he will have to go through all those bad karmas, but he will not go down into a lower species.

If People do wrong they have to come back according to their karmas, into whatever species their karma designtes, even in the form of animals. But Not Initiates, they will never go backwards. There are no failures in Sant Mat.

Once being initiated a disciple never looses the association with his Master, but he will not remeber his teachings and initiation if he comes back into this world. As a human being he will forget as soon as he takes another birth. But if he has not to come back and has to go to some higher stages, he will remember.....

So it is not the Gurus who send the human beings to hell, it is their karmas, on the contrary these kind hearted Masters save us by coming back to this creation in animal forms, but of Course, initiation by a Living Master is a must.

no one can do anything against babaji because
babaji have blessing of huzur maharaj ji.


This is not "The Kind, Gentle, Polite, Tolerant, Sweet, Politically Correct, Church of the Churchless". It is "Church of the Churchless" period.


Why do you believe what you wrote in your comment above?

thanks for allowing these texting rssb trolls and their garbage comments to show themselves for being the unstable angry and completely irrational asses that they are.

surbhi writes:

"wtf crap", "dumb logics", "mental asylum"
"dumb-ass mudheads like u", "u seem to b a lunatic f highest order"

...and other examples of such fine rssb satsangi behavior.

and then surbhi concludes with:


need i say any more? no doubt these sort of comments are going to start getting deleted as soon as they have sufficiently served as object lessons which reflect how very disturbed many of these rssb cultists tend to be.


you say you're wondering where RSSB is headed ??

well perhaps the following excerpt (including the relevant links at the bottom) will give you the general direction in which things are headed...

"Systems without a basic integrity cannot hold themselves together, whether they are political, religious or commercial enterprises. It’s all falling apart and can only be held together by force and false information. The power of The Apocalypse is focusing a destructive and revealing light into the temples of darkness, which has imprisoned the people of the world in ceaseless, rotating treadmills of drudgery and abandoned hope.

"This light, which is the light of irresistible change, is sending terror into the hearts of those who have accepted conditions that are in direct conflict with the urge of human freedom and those on the verge of being liberated by it are locking their arms into the bars of their prisons in a death hold on the forces that have imprisoned them. It’s not a pretty site. Many people are losing themselves in complicated electronic objects that blot out the world around them. Pornography has replaced romance and religious institutions that were designed to promote the message of divine liberators have become money changing rooms that are the principal assets of the enemy, that the liberators came to expose and destroy. Christianity has become murder incorporated.

"We have no choice but to go through the destruction of all these false gods of a dying time period. Those of us embracing what lies beyond these hypocritical constructs are aware of the age of brotherhood that waits beyond the transformation of the old world. One is in either of two main positions, either wedded or welded to the departing horrors, or reaching into what waits to be constructed. You know who you are supposed to be, or you have no clue beyond lies promoted by those whose purpose is to keep you ignorant of yourself and your true nature.

"I find myself in the ‘any day’ mode. One day it will be upon us and everything else is a waiting room of uncertainty. I am waiting too, because what comes will dispose me and all of the rest of us into the roles and destinies that are required, either for the new industries that will build the conditions of the new world, or as compost for it.

"It is the approaching change of consciousness that is going to transform all of our perceptions into new and sometimes frightening states. Those who cannot embrace these deep personal changes are going to be recycled because they have no place in what is coming. Opportunity for personal growth and the elimination of our common darkness is available to everyone but it appears that only a minority is and will be availing itself of possibilities that are benevolent beyond our present ability to apprehend."




@ tAo
bro, i really want u to check ur own language before u dash out criticizing others....all i did was answered back in your language....in no way do i want to get into a war wid u!
@Robert Searle
yeah actually u r right! i should have not lost my cool.but there is a limit of taking d crap!i couldnot hold it and just came down to their level which ofcourse i now realize a satsangi should have not done.but as i said m working on my "temper control"lolz


this is my message to all satsangis brother and sister, radha soami..our master is not just a human being, he is the supreme power which has been sent by the lord and the lord himself present in him. he himself is the lord.He is our father and he takes care of us, No body can harm Him. he is god on the earth. but some people due to jealousy try to make his image fade. but it is oer duty to do our all the dities honestly in our satsang ghar(centers). he is having pain because of us, for us. we can we do for him, we can follow his instruction,said by him in all the discources. we must remember him all the the time.mean to say,all the outer world want to make him disturb and tease him but we,his children, shold not disturb him. so dears, please follow his instruction honestly even we should not disturb him. let Him smile let my father smile. plz let our father smile. feel his grace.
no body can make him harm. he protects us then how can he be harmed. it is always happened in history.
we need not take any tension, we must do our dity honestly i.e. meditation and just meditation.
with radha soami greetings


How do you know that your master is the "lord" "supreme power" "god on earth" "no one can harm him"...in the dualistic, separate sense you present it?

Consider that this life is your dream. What if YOU are the lord, supreme power, god on earth and no one can harm what YOU really are?

Consider that you are him, he is you and that I am you and you are me and we are him and he is us. This is already the case. There is no "other". There is no "where" to go, nothing to be done but to just be It.

Nietzsche (the philosopher not the blogger) wanted to destroy his culture (the Christian) that he perceived as a false one, based on domination in the name of good. He said the only thru Cristian was Jezus.
Some of these cultural things you also see in RS where some Satsangis are dominating the other as a false expression of the gure. It might have come so far that even the guru is dominating his followers just to squeeze the money. There are some justifiable reasons for thinking that. I mean if you let a man work for you and you sell what he build for a lot of money (isn't that what happens on the dera) than you are obliged to pay the man for his service. In our country at least a minimum wages. You can go to jail for not doing that.
But Camus (the philosopher not the blogger) is very interesting too :) He came to a new ethical structure and culture where N only destroyed. But N was necessary at his time. They also say that he died with a very serene attitude. He didn't speak rational anymore because of his madness that was very likely a madness that he could not have avoided and had certainly nothing to do with his thinking.
As for the people that are afraid of hell. I think God has a very special place in hell for the people that misuse his children or guide them into there selfish directions. G has something to fear for himself if that where the case!

Want to add something.
Think about how the Christian culture in the west originated out of the Romans that used the teachings of Jezus to fit in with their power system. Every solder was a slave that had no option but to obey. That made them so successful in conquering the world. Later the Christian crusaders did the same.
I sometimes wonder if Shiv Dayal Singh was the only true Satsangi? Didn't they use the teaching of Shiv Dayal Singh and ran wild with them to compromise their need for landworkers?

Baba is tusi great ho.....really i love u

Ok, I do have some unclear points left:
-are Satsangi's that loose their believe removed from the Dera even if they have worked there for years? Do they get a pension?
-is someone checking if the land deal money stays within RSSB and that it is not transferred to Religare? Is it possible for Satsangi's to see the annual financial reports and balances where money comes from and where it goes?
-What happens to Sewadars that get ill? Do they get the money for medical treatment from RSSB? In other words are they insured?
-Does the Guru get a salary from RSSB or is he living from his family money?
-Does anyone know these numbers and facts, is there any clarity in all this?

What alarms me is that I read in the newsmagazins here locally is that they are very subtle promoting donations. I read that the Satsangi's that are allowed to make a donation are the very lucky few. The representative never mentioned how lucky the donators where in the past, it is a recent development. If I had the money I would certainly donate it to a real charity organization like the eyecamp by example ;)
I can't understand how they stopped the eyecamp if the whole reason for donating was to help another person, to become less selfish. What a bad example. And now building a library that only has books that promote RSSB. It seems like the whole view of the Guru is to expand the quantity of members by also increasing the quality of the members, making a strike in the market as an exclusive cult for the few happy chosen. That certainly works better than lowering the entrance these days but the end goal is the same. To get as much worldwide donators as possible. I do believe the so called Great Master started this approach.
The other day I was rereading the philosophy from the masters that was written by the Great Master. I now saw that it was a bunch of jotted down thoughts, there was no system or systematical approach beyond the repetition of what was common knowledge among the group.
The yoga of the sound is a technique that was developed by some yogi's that found it effective in their lives. I think to have an effect from it you should life like these early yogi's did in total concentration for long hours a day and not in the way that we in the west are doing it now. We are allowed to sit as we like, no one is checking if we even have the basics right. It all doesn't matter because the Guru will help. In practise very few benefit. This kind of yoga is not at all fit for the way we life here is my opinion and it was a shame to bring it to the west. The only reason for doing that anyhow that I can think of is money.
But perhaps I am to skeptical now, please correct me if possible. Thanks for the post that describes how the Dera Sewadars are living. I'm glad they do not life in boxes or very poor shelters, that they have some water and other luxury's in their life's if I understand it well.

Thanks Tara but there is no hurry.

To people that might be offended by my post. These questions are in my mind and I have to let them out and see what the truth is. In the past G was very tolerant to confronting questions. If there is nothing to hide than that will show too.

only one question from all RADHASOAMIES, if your guru is god then what is the necessity of Such security. Why he afraid from his death. Are our ancient sants were like that ? definitely not. I never understand the stretegy of these RSS who are the great cheater,they spoke from saints of Sanatan Dharam and thereafter they criticise Sanatan. Shame for them


This link may be of interest..


Interesting to know Brian.

Several pearls of wisdom in this thread:

- "a wise man, ... remains humble and ordinary and goes on his way quietly."

- "the only master is one who is a master of himself."

- "Your beliefs are based upon a lie."

most excellent lessons tAo. thx.

regards all

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