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June 10, 2010


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I think your new title should Guru Sri Wasamot Tawitya.

Suzanne, I'm adding your title on to my old one, with some additional alliteration:

Enlightened Being Blogger Brian Guru Sri Wasamot Tawitya

Maybe now our dog will bring a stick back when I throw it for her. I can only hope for that miracle (she's half German Shepherd, half Labrador Retriever, and half some breed that makes her "must please" retriever half get controlled by her "if I feel like it" German Shepherd half).

Dogs are easy; they're already worshipful. If you get the cat to come when you call then we'll KNOW you're enlightened!

well i have nine cats, seven who live inside my house and two who live out around my front yard and sleep on the armchairs on my front porch. each and all of them almost always come to me if and whenever i call them by their individual names. so i guess that makes me a super-enlightened guy.

I would say, tAo, that real super-enlightenment would occur when each of your nine cats mieows out your name.

My dog is enlightened because I come when she barks.

i have two dogs (a smaller one and a larger one) who both totally ignore me whenever i bark. and no doubt, thats because they are such enlightened dogs.

Hey tAo and tucson, reading your comments over the months it's obvious you're both enlightened! Now go and make your pets levitate.

hi . meditation opens the mind to higher realities . meditate and find out

hi indulging in trivia is for fools. do not insult your intelligence . rather make it grow. talking non sense cannot make you wise. gorget about meditation.start focusing on positive . make your life good. after some time talk about meditation. that also if you feel like it.no oner is forcing you. who are you resisting?

do not focus on enlightenment as something that will happen in the future . be enlightened about what is good for you . make a begining from there. that is a good start . enligtenment can best be described as realisation.when we realise something we can say we were enlightened about that thing. example some kids are enlightened about the benefits of education from a young age.

udeshpal singh mann writes:

"meditation opens the mind to higher realities."

-- that is your opinion.

"meditate and find out"

-- why? there is nothing to "find out".

"indulging in trivia is for fools."

-- then why do you do it?

"do not insult your intelligence."

-- don't insult other people's intelligence.

"rather make it grow."

-- make your own grow.

"talking non sense cannot make you wise."

-- then why do you do it?

"gorget [forget] about meditation."

-- why don't you forget about it?

"start focusing on positive"

-- why don't you do that.

"make your life good.:

-- my life is already good.

"after some time talk about meditation."

-- why? there is no use talking about it.

"that also if you feel like it."

-- what "also"?

"no one is forcing you."

-- thats right, so why do you care?

"who are you resisting?"

-- who is resisting? and "resisting" what?

"do not focus on enlightenment as something that will happen in the future"

-- i don't.

"be enlightened about what is good for you"

-- what is "good"? i might not like what you think is good. and how would you know what is "good" for someone else? also, why be enlightened"? i don't believe in enlightenment.

"make a begining from there."

-- a "beginning" from where? a beginning for what? why? for whom? everything is transitory.

"that is a good start"

-- start what?

"enligtenment can best be described as realisation."

-- what is there to be realised? and who is going to do the realising?

"when we realise something we can say we were enlightened about that thing."

-- what is there to realise?

"some kids are enlightened about the benefits of education from a young age."

-- well so what? i am not a kid, and i am already well educated. so what is your point? and i am wondering, what exactly is the point of your entire comment?

sorry if i hurt some ones sensibilities.i was just giving my point of view on meditation. each person is free to grow the way he wants to in life

I see that you are enlightened however is your pet?


nice reading

morons. meditation? and then what.. find peace? only when you realize that you do not exist will you find peace. or wait? who will find? and what is peace?

peace is just a label. a distraction from the truth that is.

ask yourself.. do i exist? do it

If enlihtenment truly interests you guys I would suggest you start meditating it really is quite powerful, and if you have little understanding of Buddhist practices and meditation google Richard davidson he's a neuroscientist and he studys monks meditating. And so u all know enlightenment is supposed to be the relinquishment of all human constructs( words, ideas, time ) to achieve a state of complete connection with the universe this is what us buddhists strive for and usually takes decades to achieve.

"....Richard davidson he's a neuroscientist and he studys monks meditating."

---So, what has his studies determined regarding the 'attainment' event of enlightenment? So, you(the buddhist) has the understanding that enlightenment takes decades to achieve through the act of striving? This must be one of those Buddhist traditions and beliefs that we need to opt into.

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