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June 22, 2010


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Muslims submit to the reality---in our case the ultimate reality is God.
"God is the reality that is dependent upon no other reality, but upon whom all other realities depend, through whose will all other realities have come into being and who has not himself come into being through any other principle"---(Mutahari)

God has no needs---our belief or disbelief does not effect God in any way----it effects us, our intentions and actions---therefore---right belief inspires right intentions that lead to right actions for the benefit of all of God's creations.
"why is the Quran viewed as a perfect guide to the nature of Allah and Allah's will..."
Because the Quran gives guidance to human beings that aligns with the inherent goodness with which they were created...and offers ways to strengthen this goodness both individually, for the family, for the community, and for the nation.....

One of the principles that Islamic social justice is founded on is that transactions should be based on a win-win concept. Therefore those who are empowered (creditors)do not have "more rights" nor should transactions be to the detriment of the less empowered (debtors). Such transactions should be based on partnerships that are just for both parties.(win-win---not win-lose)

I think the concept of reality can be pretty broad. Consider this:
1) Something that is perceivable-physically, mentally.

2) Whether something exists regardless of what we believe. The cosmos works the way it does, regardless of what we think of it. And it is observable, but not comprehensible. God, is said to exist regardless of what we believe, but is neither observable nor comprehensible.

3) That what we see is all illusion and reality is something else totally. This is like the Matrix. What we see is simulated, the reality is outside this simulation. If we can verify that this is a simulation and someone created it, then we know this simulation also exists, and therefore, its also real. It is a circular argument. If God created this cosmos, and God exists, then this cosmos also exists. And then this cosmos is real.

Just sharing my thoughts.

"It makes sense to submit... to reality. The universe is a lot bigger and more powerful than we are. "

As usual, perceptive and thought-provoking. Thanks, I keep coming back to your blog and I'm sure it influences mine.

Jonathan Elliot (Spritzophrenia)

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