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June 02, 2010


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Hmm. That's interesting. I'm not sure if I've EVER dropped to my knees in prayer; I certainly don't do it now. I used to talk toward the supreme being, but, since I no longer think it exists, I don't waste my breath. Hey, but to each his or her own!

I used to kneel beside my bed, with my elbows on the mattress, when I did my pre-sleep prayers as a kid. So to recreate the experience, I get in the same posture. Like I said, I don't believe there is a God who hears me, but art isn't about objective reality; it's about subjective expression.

Also, I'm pretty sure that I, myself, don't exist. But I talk to myself often. Is that any crazier than talking to a God who doesn't exist?

Yes, I particularly enjoy the architecture of the Cardston Alberta Morman Temple
The Prairie Style in the Rocky Mountains, 1910-1920 The bold designs of early-twentieth century America’s most innovative and influential architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, had a profound impact on Mormon architecture between 1910 and 1920. Although Wright built only one religious building during his early career, Latter-day Saint architects imitated and adapted his “Prairie Style” for more than two dozen Mormon meeting houses, tabernacles, and temples. The selection of a brilliant modern design for the Alberta Temple in a 1912 Church-wide architectural competition gave the blessing of Church leaders to this progressive style.

Welcome to multiculturalism Brian

dr. TAO, I've always embraced multiculturalism. When I was twelve, or thereabouts, I went to San Francisco's Chinatown for the first time -- around 1960.

Even though I'd never been exposed to Chinese culture, I spent my allowance on scrolls, wall hangings, posters, and such. They stayed in my room all through high school.

Sort of strange. I have no idea why I was so instantly attracted to Taoist sorts of paintings showing a tiny figure walking along a majestic mountain path, all foggy, tree'y, and such. Maybe it was because I grew up in the foothills of the Sierras and did just that: walked as a tiny figure all over the mountains.

Anyway, wanted to mention that it has been religious fundamentalism that turns me off, not multiculturalism. I think there's a considerable difference. Every culture has some way of relating to a hypothesized divinity. That isn't going to be eradicated from the human brain/nature.

But I hope people can come to look on their beliefs as akin to artistic expression, not a reflection of objective reality. Lots of people (women mostly) like to read romance novels. They get drawn into an imaginary literary world that is attractive to them, that meets some needs/desires/wants of their psyches.

Nothing wrong with that. Religion meets needs also. We just need to remember that our personal wants aren't necessarily connected with the way the cosmos really is.

Did you ever live in Alberta?

Carol. no. I've only lived in the United States: Massachusetts, Texas, California, Oregon. But Canada sounds appealing.

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