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June 16, 2010


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It may be difficult for person who is part of a guru cult to see anything else where there is an initiated idea and a response and then responses to responses, to be anything other than guru- discipilish.

This is a very level platform where debate is enjoyed.

I'm really not a fan of Mini Coopers. How does an American become a fan of the British Gurucar?

Why would the Pope be higher than the Guru? Guru is God. Pope is his representative. To me, however, the only difference is that one wraps his head in a tea towel and the other puts on the tea cosy.

The "guru" word is, for me, just a word. Same for the "blogger" word. So, "Whats the Big Deal?"

That said, if someone needs to be addressed as a Guru, then go for it. It's still just a word.

I personally like the "idiotic questioner" title for myself. It sounds so divine...

For what its worth, here's my own take and reaction to some of the content of that email message, and its author:

[the text of the email message is shown within quotes]:

"Brian. I guess I have been a signed up R.S. [ Radha Soami Satsang Beas] member about as long as you have, spent time recently at the Dera (free), been to look at the new land by the river, do seva [volunteer work] from time to time. All that harmless stuff that passes the time more peaceably than many other activities."

-- ok, but so what? the Dera isn't the most peaceful place in the world. i happen to enjoy hanging out with bikers (motorcycle) at my local biker bar, which i find quite relaxing and peaceful. i also find hikes in nature quite peaceful. but in comparison, i didn't find the Dera very peaceful at all... what with all the indian sevadars scrambling and fussing around, and the construction activity and noise, the loud blaring loudspeakers in the mornings before and during darahans and at satsangs and bhandaras, the considerable control and regimentation, the cultural inhibitions, and the rather tedious and uptight atmosphere of the westerners question and answer sessions with the master in the guest house. so imo, the Dera isn't much of a peaceful place at all.

"BUT, Why are you, after giving the role of 'guru' a good lambasting, setting up as one yourself? I'm sure you will deny this. The leader of the new Church of the Churchless."

-- i don't see Brian setting himself up as any sort of guru. not at all. quite the opposite. so therefore, i have to wonder why YOU do? is your perception so skewed and distorted? and especially in view of the fact that YOU ARE a believer and a follower of a guru, and a participating member of the guru's spiritual cult. so i find that rather hypocritical of you, to point at Brian, when in fact it is YOU who is the obvious sucker for the guru trip. and so it seems that you can't stand the idea of more than one guru... even thougf Brian is NOT a guru in any sense whatsoever. this is just a blog.

"I enjoy reading your criticisms, they are often valid and always healthy. Baba Ji [Gurinder Singh, the R.S. guru] himself said- 'read them all, make up your own minds, think for yourselves.' ( I heard him say this.)"

-- your baba ji is a blatant hypocrite. he tried to censor, control, suppress, and restrict people from any sort of discussing of sant mat and RS on the internet. thats a fact. he does not want satsangis to think for themselves. thats a bullshit lie. a false facade. he wants mindless followers and devotees. RS is an authoritarian guru-cult. period. you cannot see that until you are free of its propaganda and mind-control.

"Why feel obliged to preach, to gain converts, to be the centre of a movement?"

-- again, this is NOT a movement, there are NO converts, and there is definitely NO preaching going on. this is noting but a projection from your own cultic mentality and belief.

"OK, so it's fun, extends the living circle of friends etc. but at the same time drags you into the very place that you criticize the guru for."

-- thats bullshit. this is just one blog among tens of thousands. and YOU are the one who is big into he GURU thing. so, who are you to say anything about some guy's opinions and his little blog?

"Do you really, after all your well thought through and well expressed arguments, want to be a guru?"

-- do you really want to follow a guru? why do YOU follow a guru?

"Here's a challenge; could you say NO to gurudom? Just become a parish member of the universal church of the uncertain -- among which are many another satsangi [member of Radha Soami Satsang Beas], I assure you."

-- now thats a load of rubbish if there ever was one. you say that many other satsangis are members of "the universal church of the uncertain"??? you are out of your friggin mind. if that were true, then they wouldn't be RS satsangis. and Brian doesn't have to "say NO to gurudom" because he isn't doing gurudom.

"I'm not going to hold my breath on this one but your blog response will be interesting."

-- well you just got my response. i think you are just out to ridicule something and someone that you don't understand... because you are so hung up in RS guru-cultism. so your vision is very limited and obscured by that. if you could only see how stupid you look to others who are not a prisoner of pseudo-spiritual dogma and cult mind-control, like you are.

Baba Ji [Gurinder Singh, the R.S. guru] himself said- 'read them all, make up your own minds, think for yourselves.' ( I heard him say this.)

Brian ! Did you catch that ? The PLM has given the Sangat permission to view YOUR blog.That is a highest of endorsements....lol

I remember in the 90's RSSB folks were discouraged from introducing the path to the world via the net.And here he changes his will...what a miracle.

Pardon my Trollish glee....lol

Baba Brian Ji,

I see you in my dreams, in my visions. Your Radiant Form is all glorious. It is my belief, and faith in you that in part creates these phenomena...But, I know you are unaware of all this....you told me sometime ago..yet, I still believe, and see you with my own eyes as being God in your Glory!

...Yes, it could be a trick of the mind but you gave me the Names to test "your" Radiant Form. But your glorious It remained within!!

What do I really see. I see Myself as my Radiant Personal God, or Higher Self manifesting ItSelf as you! You are spiritually connected with a line of other respected Gurus, and hence, what I experience is the real McCoy!!

.....only joking ofcourse!!!


"...Yes, it could be a trick of the mind but you gave me the Names to test "your" Radiant Form. But your glorious It remained within!!"

--Are these the 5 holy names, one uses in meditation? How does one "test" a Radiant Form? Please supply a testing procedure.
I'm not joking. Thanks Roger

We are dealing with theory, and there is as yet no test procedure as you put it...

I am not joking...

Brian can you bless some M and M's for me ? Your Prashad will help clear my lifetimes of bad karma

Dobribb, consider it done. You're bad-karma free now (so long as you only eat the M and M's that are the color I told you about in a private soul to soul communication; god help you if you eat the wrong color -- they've been infused with an anti-blessing for reasons that only I, and sometimes not even me, can understand).

Also Dogribb, if you can't remember the colour, then supply another packet of M&M's on the dash of an M.C.S and I am sure Blogguru Brian will refresh you memory with the first letter of the colour he told you about deep inside the never regions.

Does that mean I can't eat green ?

Catherine does Swami B allow Smarties instead of MM's ?

I see you spelled colour using the Queen's English perhaps Smarties are more popular there

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