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June 08, 2010


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I just finished reading The Importance of by Lin Yu Tang, where he addresses many of these issues. For me it can be best summed up as "appreciate your life."

Or maybe "accept and relish life".


This post was very good. I'm kinda suprised with such few responses. Roger

Roger, when I get a lot of comments on a post, I figure that readers were blown away by the brilliance and profundity of my writing, and had to say something in response.

When nobody, or hardly anybody, comments on a post, I figure that readers were blown away by the brilliance and profundity of my writing, and were left speechless.

Beautiful post.

I read "The mystery of existence" by Munitz, and it was one of the most beautiful book in my life.

I've always felt what Munitz describes in his book, but i was not able to describe it the way he does (successfully).

I'm going to read "The question of reality" as well in the future.

You should read another very important book about this topic:

"The problem of existence"

by Arthur Witherall

Ashgate publishing

No. Some of this is overstatement or simply untrue. Well meaning but untrue.paragrapg two is merely a Henid. That does not make it true in and of itself.paragraph five is adeptly felt personal statement but again that does not make it true. Some people find intense meaning in non- human things or activities. (Chess, Sport, Philosophy just to name three of many.)paragraph six: "leads to".. Really? Maybe a subjective experience, albeit a common one, is being objectified here. It is all too common for us to confuse deep feelings we may have(but, actually, not everyone shares) as being "truths". I think this underpins much of this posting.

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