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June 24, 2010


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We are nothing...we are everything...same thing, more or less!

"I like questioning my fundamental axioms. So, why should we care whether the things we believe are true?"

I also have always been drawn to the idea of questioning first principles, but who really does it? I used to think the beauty of science was that it was built on solid fundamental principles or started from these, but i now do question this previously held belief.

Even the so-called queen of sciences, pure mathematics, has its origins in euclidean geometry, where certain so-called self-evident truths (axioms) were relied upon. Russell seached passionately yet failed to discover the principia or foundations of mathematics, which eventually led Godel to prove somethings will always be unanswerable.

If mathematics and pure deductive abstract logic don't have solid foundations, then what hope for inductive reasoning and empiricism (in which we can only ever experience a small piece of a massive reality thru limited senses)?

There is something inherenly limiting about science and yet it remains an immensely powerful method of insight into our reality that is available to all.

Perhaps mysticism is able to overcome these limitations, perhaps not, i dunno, but there seems to be something to it even if its more just an exploration or enlightenment of our unconcious mind, as opposed to an external reality, tho it claims to unite the internal and external.

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