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May 23, 2010


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In order to try and communicate a borad spectrum of ideas I will have to do so--as this mode directs--in a summary fashion?

OK--WHEN science as we know it raises its head it does wo withing the Church. there is an agreement that science will focus on 'forces of energy' and the Church on 'spiritual matters'

Now THE most important thing to realize right here is that the Church's understanding of 'spirituality' was ALREADY divided from nature! For the religious myth was/is that nature is 'fallen', and hence explains the irrational and sadistic Inquisition against many peoples believed to be communining with nature using various psychoactive plants!
(As you may know there STILL very much exists a 'war on drugs' which includes mind-altering psychedelic substances!)

So out of the *pseudopspirituality" emerges science!

Now, when science enters an age where philosophically 'God is dead' it becomes believed to be the sole criterion for truth. And its mode of operation is measurement. What CANNOT be measured becomes 'not real', and this includes subjective experience, and spiritual experience, and thats where we are right now!

But wait......! Hold on there.....! We DO dream, we Do feel, we Do have spiritual experience. But science will discount our soulfull aspect--our depths--as being delusional, and out of this grows its mental illness myth which is complete psuedoscience!

because you see, science has become SCIENTISM. it has become the religion, and whatever it cannot explain--or makes out it can explain--remains false until it 'can explain'. This shit is very dangerous.

The irony is this: Science does not know what consciousness is: science does not know what matter is.

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