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May 09, 2010


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Dawkins is incredibly erudite, but his greatest strength is his clear-thinking and his books are fantastic, unfortunately he;s got a pretty crap sense of humour and is about as rigid as a surfboard and he comes accross a bit smug in his latest works.

What is amusing tho is watching him struggle to understand all these religious folk he interviews - that for me is the most hilarious to watch cos he cannot grasp why they refute what he is saying however simply and skillfully he tries to explain it.

But what is actually quite amazing, to my mind, at least, is that there are some very very clever ppl who do believe in god, and not of the mystical universal variety either, but of a personal god.

I dont really understand that belief, but its a bit of a shame someone like the archbishop of canterbury does not defend his beliefs, cos he just as eloquent as Dawkins.

I haven't paid too much attention to Dawkins or the current crop of atheists. I've suspected they haven't anything much to say Voltaire didn't say better a couple centuries ago. Certainly the lower level "Dawkinsists" I encounter don't know too much about history and can be quite as dogmatic as their arch-rivals, the Born-agains.

well if you have'nt paid much attention to Dawkins, you're missing out on an important source of information from a very knowledgable man. Voltaire knew nothing of modern science, genetics was centuries from being discovered. Depends what ones interests are, but the Selfish Gene is pretty much essential reading for anyone who wants to try understand something of how life has developed. his atheism may not appeal, but dismissing his knowledge is ignorance.

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