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May 19, 2010


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"Somebody invisible and super-powerful knows my thoughts. So not only do I have to do what he wants, but I also can't even think about going against his commands."

-- ahh hah hah hah hah! ooh hoo hoo hoo hoo! hee hee hee hee! heh heh heh heh! ...i just can't stop laughing!!

"Everything that is going to happen to me was planned out before I was born. I can't do anything about it now."

-- whoa... bummer!! that sure stopped the laughing. yikes!!

"What you see of me isn't really real. My body is an illusion, like yours is. What I really am can't be seen, even by me. My goal in life is to discard my fake physical form."

-- uhh, wait a minute there... you mean, you and i don't exist?? but if the body is fake, that means there's no-body, so then why do you have to get rid it if there ain't no-body??

dadd gummit, where d' hell's mah shotgun when i really needs it?? i an't gonna let no no-body mess around with me!! i'm gonna blow that darn no-body right out the window.

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