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May 07, 2010


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What happens to true believers if it turns out there is no God? Nothing.
What happens to non-believers if it turns out that there actually IS a God? .........
What has eventually happened to all believers and non-believers? They died.
What is it like to be dead? No one alive really knows...dead people never speak a word about their condition.

The verdict is in: the question of whether there is or is not a God will be settled on an individual basis upon the individual's death.

What kind of a dipshit God-school dropout would create a being whose existence could never be revoked but despised itself?

The kind that created this universe, apparently. Can't you just feel the love?

Of course "You have to have an open mind" is no argument for theism. And many theists can be very closed-minded.

But I _think_ I know what theists who ask atheists to have an open mind may be getting at. And that is a presumption of materialism/naturalism on the part of many atheists. That is to say that many will not consider the possibility of a supernatural explanation for any given event--even if that supernatural explanation is the simplest and most probable explanation--because they have a priori ruled out the possibility of the supernatural. (BTW, if you read that last sentence and thought something like "the supernatural can NEVER be the most probable explanation; any rational natural explanation is far more probable than the supernatural" then you fall into this category.)

To presume that a natural explanation is always superior to a supernatural explanation because the former is...well...natural is, indeed, closed-minded.

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