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May 28, 2010


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If I have this right, Blogger Brian, you're hope is that others will hear your message of hopelessness, and deem it worthy of belief?

You would characterize the whole of existence as an accidental soup of random particles bouncing about in meaningless fashion, and then seek some modicum of consolation in having mastered the one true way of unblinking, tough-minded knowledge about "The Way Things Really Are." (or, at least that's what I seem to be getting out of of this)

In a world devoid of all divinity, where the total sum of your personal being is really no more than pointless dust, what could possibly be worth wanting? In keeping with the model that we're just auto-programmed meat machines, wouldn't gratification of our most base animal desires, a modest sense of social membership and that good ole' chimp-conferred drive for alpha status/prestige suffice?

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