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April 09, 2010


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Can someone explain this:

It says that the land exchange deal between RSSB and GMADA goes with great loss for GMADA but they don't seem to care....strange.

And as a second point:

Why the strange withdrawing from charitable donations? Does he need more money? Are things not so well? Do we awake one day to find Gurinder gone and a RSSB in deep debt? It is strange because he knows that this does not look good. What is more important than looking good?

But still some stuff is unclear in my mind. I read that Gurinder is a big shareholder with his sons but he is not the director. So is there really a mix of spiritual and financial leadership? Is Gurinder really involved in decision making or does he just get the prospects like all shareholders?

And second I read that they are all family. Isn't it possible that the uncles gave the shares to Gurinder and his sons? It is not clear that he bought them. if he didn't buy them than there is also no question that he would have used RSSB money.

If he just got the shares that would also explain why he is rich now while he was not rich before he became the guru.

Just asking...

After reading most of the post on this article again I conclude that the question is that Religare got money in the period 2006 to 2008 before Ranbaxy shares where sold to the Japanese in 2008 but SKat clames that Ranbaxy was never short of cash and that Ranbaxy funded Religare in these days. However Tara pointed out that Ranbaxy did not have the cash because they had to sell shares to get the cash in 2008.

From the article I conclude that Ranbaxy was involved in fraudulous FDA approval, meaning that they put medication on the market that was not properly tested and could have caused huge damage.

Together with the statements on Indian moral it is likely that money has been going from RSSB to Religare and perhaps still does. However they do try to cover it up nicely.

Another question. RSSB is doing very well, there is little question about that is there? Now why do people suddenly donate so much to RSSB? Even if Gurinder is an excellent business man (what I doubt) he does not raise the money out of my pocket. There is not much more advertisement for donating or anything. It seems more likely people where now and then willing to donate to Charan than to Gurinder.

Is it possible that the money from Religare flows the other direction too? Do they indeed have cross holdings to put money save in religious investments in RSSB? No tax to pay perhaps? It would explain a lot.

It might even be possible that Religare is not doing so well and that more donations are needed. In my opinion it is likely that a middle class business man became the head of the huge RSSB. He then was manipulated by the Sing family to help out with the RSSB money. The screwed business man from these family companies paid back with shares and big cars and the guru is left with the feeling that he is a big business man. It does seem more likely that clever experienced man are behind all this than it seems likely that a not so very successful man from spain did think of all this. Only if you don't buy the god in man thing of cause.

Readers maybe interested to know that the Duke of York visited Religare....


It is claimed that Prince Charles had secret meetings with Charan Singh. If I recall rightly the latter claimed that the former was not meant to be initiated in this birth!!
It also appears that Charles may have had a secret meeting when Gurinder was in Birmingham in 1991. In light of the revelations concerning Religare I doubt whether such a rendez-vous has ever continued........

Hi Tara,

I've read your post and am still thinking about it. I think Gurinder will start to raise more donations and he will make more Satsangi's do sewa. At least that is what he did the past years and it is very obvious if you only seldom visit the Satsangs like I did. I witnessed the change over a period of 5 to 6 years and saw all these little money collection boxes during his last visit that where never there before. Also there was more pushing to donate in the newspaper than before. Personally I witnessed a plead to work in our local building that was never done so explicit before. Things are changing and I guess more Satsangi's will be excommunicated like Brian.
RSSB will be run like a business because that is his way. If we don't like it we have to leave.
Anyway I discovered that wine can help me relax in ways that I've never thought before :)

I'm still wondering if I will eat the raviloli today or the susi wang. Both are in cheap cans but taste so very gooooood :)

The people hosting this website appear to do nothing, but, create negativity. Jusr remember even when Jesus Christ was alive, there were believers and non-believers.

They nearly beat him to death and hung him on a cross, still 2000 years on people believe in him and will continue to do so, no matter how much negativity you preach on this website.

All the Sikh Gurus were tortured and killed, they are still worshipped today, so even if you speak ill of RadhaSwamy Gurus, it will do nothing, it will only strengthen the resolve of the worshipper.

You on the other hand are creating sin and a karma that will be hard to forgive, when you will rot in hell fire then you will remember hese words, the curse of Gods will finish you, you will regret every word that you have written against any master or teacher or conveyor of the truth.

Rot in Hell.

Blue Sky (Grey Cloud),

You are hanging out with a rough crowd...these gods who curse people and condemn them to hell fire.

I suggest you get some new friends.

Blue Sky,

don't worry about others, because the supreme godhead Shri Shri Radha Krsna is very merciful to those who are sincere and seeking the truth.

just worry about yourself and your own hypocrisy, and how long you will remain lost in maya until you finally surrender.

for it is indeed demonic of you to tell others to "rot in hell", instead of demonstrating humility and encouraging love of God.

simply chant the Hare Krsna maha-mantra and become imbued with trancendental bliss, beyond the reach of the modes of material nature.


Any Explanation from Anyone...?

This is the third, and probably last time I will make in connection with the google links which indirectly go to my thoughts, and visions blog site? The words Gurinder Singh Blog again appear on my two entries on Religare. The question is why.. apart from some kind of computer "error"..or could this be a way in which Gurinder "tacitly endorses" Part Two notably of my interpretation of the present Satguruship, and Religare affair to help wavering Satsangis, and seekers to come to terms with the situation? Moroever, Shivinder Singh Blog also appears after one of the self-same entries on google.See google link below..


@Blue cross-u r absolutely true..people who criticize him will not find place even in hell..whereas our faith in him will increase 4 times more no matter what they do..


Thank you for your response. But I still find it a little odd....but I will not bring up the subject again!

Well rook me a long time thinking to realize the obvious that everyone might already know.
Where does the money come from was my question because I don't see a lot of satsangi's donate so much in my presence.
Than it occured to me. A lot of the satsangi's are old. A lot of satsangi's are alienated from their relatives. So they dy lonely and angry at society and not understood by family. So where does the money go after their dead? Yes RSSB. So they prosper from the corpses that they have isolated from the herd. Just like other predators.

Mr. Blue sky please can u find the difference between RSSB Gurus and Hon'ble Sikh Gurus. Does RSSB allows people to go to Gurudwaras or temples to the persons go to Beas?. U cant state of other beliefs whereas RSSB criticise badly to Sanatan Parampara wihtout having its knowledge. U can see there.

yes please

Hello all
First of all i will appreciate u people that u all have devoted so much time in gathering all the information and yes undoubtedly you are doing great job as to show the right thing and Tara especially you are doing marvelous effort and Brian Tao & Robert thumbs up man. But i am having certain questions for you people.

on the material front you people are stating absolutely good but what about those experiences which we people have in meditation its not good i am sharing with you on net but because these things are going worse so i'm sharing . As my close uncle who was about to die and was initiated by Maharaj Charan Singh Ji he told that my master has come and i'm leaving he just died after saying this. My Another uncle who told us the exact time when he was dying as He told me personally that " Okay son the time has come and i will be leaving by 7 in morning " and surprisingly he just passed exactly at 7 AM. Another one my close friend's father got an heart attack and when he was taking his father to hospital in his car he said to him " SON I'M LEAVING BABAJI IS HERE " what are these things and not just one there are many similar stories ... How these things happens just i want to ask all of you as you people have such a good knowledge about santmat. Just forget for others just explain why i get some of my happenings in advance and babaji is used to come in my dreams and whatever is guided by him gets true. Why my mother got a dream of Maharaj Charan Singh ji that wait for initiation and i was born . Mother got a dream that she is vising to a new place and we got a new home to LIVE. How these things just accidently or incidently happened in my life ,,, i dont know but you people are right at your own place waiting for your comments and i will share more personal incidents so that i can also feel the same as u people are feeling..

Radha Soami

i'm surprised there is no reply after so many days, what happened, are there no frequent visitors now? or the blog has been shut down

DAS SA, all is normal on this blog. I'm alive and blogging, and the blog is up and running.

Comments on posts aren't highly related to blog visitors. This here Church of the Churchless averages about 700 page views a day, quite consistently, though traffic goes up and down.. Some days there are more comments, some days less. That's life: change.

then why there is no reply about my question which i posted on January 21, 2011 at 07:12 AM


in as much as you mentioned my name in the comment you posted on Jan. 21 at 07:12 am, i will say this: i checked over your entire comment, and there was not one single question mark (?) therein. fyi, if you were/are asking a question, then you would be wise to use proper punctuation marks. otherwise, how is anyone to know that you are asking a question??

you did say this:

"what are these things and not just one there are many similar stories ... How these things happens just i want to ask all of you as you people have such a good knowledge about santmat."

-- well how would i know what your stories mean?? and i have no idea as to whether or not they are actually true. and even if those people had those experiences, how are we to know that they were not imaginary?? humans imagine all sorts of things that are not what they appear to be.

"just explain why i get some of my happenings in advance and babaji is used to come in my dreams and whatever is guided by him gets true."

-- the mind and the imagination manifests in all sorts of ways. but who is to say that there any coincidence.

"Why my mother got a dream of Maharaj Charan Singh ji that wait for initiation and i was born."

-- how would i know what your mother dreamed, or what that has to do with anything else??

"How these things just accidently or incidently happened in my life"

-- they just happened. shit happens. and it doesn't necessarily indicate anything profound.

"i will share more personal incidents so that i can also feel the same as u people are feeling."

-- why do you want to feel what others are feeling?? why don't you just be yourself, and think (and feel) for your own self. who cares what other people feel? don't follow after other people... be yourself. don't try to be like other people. thats a mistake.

Re: Mrs. Wood(advanced disciple of Sawan)

I once met Donny Kelly and her husband Charles.
Donna was an 'advanced' disciple of Sawan.
The whole 9 yards internally.

Kirpal would visit her here in the USA.

I gave a letter to Charles to give to her
when Ajaib Singh was visiting her in advanced age.

She responded by saying she did not know if
Thakar Singh, Ajaib Singh, or Darshan Singh
were successors to Kirpal, or if they all

Regarded as the most advanced living disciple of Sawan, even by Kirpal, she did not know who the real master was.

She said basically we mere mortals have no way of knowing.

I passed this letter to David Lane about 15 years ago.

People don't know it, but her husband Charles was an Agra initiate and I once saw his photo in one of Maheswari's books.

"Mike Williams"

I am not sure if we are talking about the same Mrs Wood. The Mrs Wood I knew was Flora Wood, or Chip as she was commonly called by Beas Satsangis. She was the Representative of the UK for many years.

However, I do remember her telling me that Kirpal Singh "..wanted the dera".

Incidently, in connection with Mrs. Wood... her husband was called Ron, or Ronald Wood...She also wrote a book entitled In Search of the Way which included her meeting, and initiation with Sawan Singh.

Dear TAo
its good to see your answer. But my dear brother before making a statement please check where i mentioned your name after that line its written that i have questions for you.. Any ways there is no point that we point out each others grammar mistakes. But it seems its a one sided opinion blog you people are not ready to accept what i tried to say .. as far as my experiences are concerned they were very much true and Brother do not make your blog biased . We should take this to a healthy discussion.


Greetings Das Sa:

Having been to India many times I feel I can with confidence state that Indian and Western folks employ different styles of communication.

For example, take the word "truth". In the West that word summons up the image of maybe Einstein with a piece of chalk standing in front of a blackboard doing calculations, or maybe scientists in lab coats running diagnostic tests to discover the truth. In matters of Spirituality the Western notion of "truth" becomes almost inapplicable, because truth is seen as an objective thing that is falsifiable, not a subjective experience that is NOT falsifiable. Nor do stories (anecdotes) qualify. Stories can be suggestive of truth, but not conclusive, not evidence.

In India such hard distinctions are not (conversationally) employed! India, bless her heart, is more fee-flowing and devotional; Spiritual *truth* is saddled inside the heart of India rather than outside in a mathematical formula.

Again, stories, in the West, are not taken as "evidence" of anything....some are only suggestive of some possibility.

Apologies!!I confused Donny Kelly with Mrs Wood!! I do not always read posts properly.

by this what is to be assumed there is no 'GOD'

non sense post!

I have no idea what exactly is going on here. But yeah from the initial posts i could find out that the post is against the DHILLON family and its share in RELIGARE.
So for your kindest of information, SPIRITUALITY in itself is considered as the greatest charity on earth. So they completely deserve what they have.

A post from a 16 yr old**

This is especially for TARA,though she will reject it and will respond back in TAO's tone,
But then it doesn't matter to me at all.

The following is a true story about a japanese dog named Hachicko. Hachiko lived in Tokyo in the 1930's .He was owned by a professor Ueno, who caught the train every morning to go to the University. Every afternoon, Hachiko would be on the Shibuyu train platform waiting for his master to return. And this went on for many years. Only, one day, the professor suffered a stroke at the university and died instantly. He didn't return on the train. The professor's house was sold, and Hachiko was taken to a new home to live with a new family. But every afternoon Hachiko would find his way to the old railway platform, and there he waited for his master - every day, every afternoon, for ten years. At first, young boys would laugh and taunt the dog, but Hachicko remained steadfast. Later, people would bring him food. But he never abondoned his post. When his master would not appear, he would walk off alone. But the next day, he was patiently waiting again. They say that passers-by would burst into tears seeing his devotion, his faithfulness and his loyalty. One day he was found dead at the Shibuyu Station. He died waiting for his master.
If dogs can have this focus, this steadfastness, then the question a disciple might ask is, "Where am I waiting? Where can I find the Love that will set me free?" For a follower of the path of the saints, the answer is simple. Love, hope and truth lie at the eye centre. That is where the Master will appear. That is where the master has asked us to wait for him: to wait gladly, contentedly and with faith.
This spiritual practice will require our courage, our persistence and an open heart. We are to do our meditation gladly, steadfastly and with all the courage we can muster. Still, that will not be sufficient. In the end we must trust in His mercy. At last, we will know our true condition and our total reliance on the Master's grace.

mla wrote: "the question a disciple might ask is, "Where am I waiting? Where can I find the Love that will set me free?"

(a) i am not a "disciple".
(b) i am not "waiting".
(c) i don't need to "find the love"
(d) and i don't need to be "set free".

mla wrote: "For a follower of the path of the saints"

-- i'm not "a follower of the path of the saints".

mla wrote: "the answer is simple."

-- i'm not looking for any "answer".

mla wrote: "Love, hope and truth lie at the eye centre."

-- no, not for me.

mla wrote: "That is where the Master will appear."

-- only a slave needs a master. a sovereign man or woman has no master.

mla wrote: "That is where the master has asked us to wait for him"

-- the "master" idea is a lie. only weak-minded fools wait and bow to this "master" lie.

"to wait gladly, contentedly and with faith."

-- don't waste your life waiting for a lie.

mla wrote: "We are to do our meditation gladly"

-- the people of the earth are waking up. they don't want these lies and false beliefs anymore.

mla wrote: "we must trust in His mercy."

-- the age of blind "trust" is over. people are not buying that belief in lies anymore. the deceptions are becoming exposed. and they will continue to disintegrate and crumble. there is no "mercy" from liars and frauds. only a fool hopes for "mercy".

mla wrote: "our total reliance on the Master's grace."

-- your so-called "master" is a total lie and a fraud... and a despicable elitist vampire who sucks off the sweat and blood of the poor and the gullible.

Tao you will never grow up,
but then its natural and ordinary,
well it doesn't mean that if you are not able to see radiant form inside, it doesn't exist,
if you are not bestowed with his grace,doesn't mean that no one else has been bestowed with his grace,
I now understand you,
you are a sick,who chant hare rama hare krishna,
you are so much into illusionary worship,
anyways,with my past experience with you,
i have come to know you,that you are just full of EGO,hatred and lot of stupidity.

ok you no need master,
well there was a quote which said,
you need to two to come in this world,
and four to move out of this world,
you are always dependant,so drop you ego.

Master shows the way,and if a blind and deaf person like you,couldnt find the way,do not blame the master,

if you are not happy with your life,you cannot blame your parents,

like that if you are not able to follow the path,
you cannot blame the master.
May be inner experience may not work for me,
but then it work for many many other,

but then you keep on chanting,
hare krishna krishna krishna...
its a normal phenomena,demi god and idol lovers never like the reality of living masters,
because you people haunt over the dead ones.


i am much older and much more mature and experienced than you.

your so-called "radiant form" is a myth.

i have no need for "grace". that is an illusion.

i do not "chant hare rama hare krishna".

i am not into any sort of worship.

the ego, hatred, and stupidity that you see, is nothing but a projection of your own ego, hatred, and stupidity.

i am not "dependant" on any others. and ego is actually a good thing.

i see and hear better than most.

i don't need to "find the way", since the way is inclusive of all things.

i don't "blame the master", because there is no master.

i don't need to "follow the path".

i have had far more "inner experience" than you know.

i never "chant hare krishna krishna krishna"

i am not into demi gods, nor am i a lover of idols.

i also have no use for supposed "living masters".

you are haunted by the dead.

Tao You much older than,only in terms of age,but not in wisdom,
hmm i doubt your maturity,
and i do not know your experience,hence do not understand it.

Radiant form is a myth for you,
but not for me.

and who said grace is for you,grace is only for who receives it,but not for who rejects it.

but through few of your post it seems like your hare krishna lover.

as per your understanding,you can never worship.as you do not have that sort of understanding.

the projection can also your own reflection.

You are always dependent like anyother,no matter if you accept it or not,but you are always dependent.

a person who says ego is a good thing,call himself mature,experienced..a complete contradiction in your own messages.

you do not hear neither see better than others,perhaps here you are too weak.

yes for you there is no master.bad luck.

what you had is ,may be an experience,but not inner experience.

You can not have inner experience,the way you have understood and the way you are following,without much maturity,understanding and without much knowledge,
everytime posting here,that i have more knowledge,more experience would not suffice the purpose neither will change the truth.
You still has a long way to go,untill that time,have your wine,whisky,meat and hot babes.
yes for you there is no use of living master,
but not for everyone.

i m not haunted tao,its you.

"An awareness at times of being "possessed".
quote Searle

Stillness of the mind is useless and temporal.

See through the illusion of the self
and it matters not how fast the mind travels.

The self can only produce action
when it is believed in.

Possession does indeed exist. Especially
in the Kirpal based groups.

There are other groups where possession
is the end goal, such as the Masons.

The Masons worship Lucifer by name.

But, Radhasoamis are unaware of what they
are possessed by, tinking it to
be a positive power.

Compare the power of Ramana Maharshi to
the possession of a Radhasoami.

The gradual progression into reality is a delusion. It is always instant.

The Gordian Knot was not untied,
it was sliced through by a sword.

All at once.

The mind cannot be unraveled little
by little. Any force used, reinforces
the idea one is fighting a real self.

One simply whitewashes the self
and sublimates its stature.

But, all the hate and anger of
the mind is repressed.

Only by seeing directly, can one
realize the self does not exist.

Does one use a cannon to remove the
self, or does one chase the self
away with a broomstick ?

One is either totally THERE, or
one is totally not there.

There are no midpoints.

Can you find the WHO, that is thinking
YOUR thoughts ?

WHO is there to be possessed?
WHO is there to be harassed on the blog?

Mike, who is the YOU who felt harrassed by some of my comments on the blog?

There is either somebody there or not.

You can't dig with both feet! [using a shovel]


Brian, I think you are fair when you say everyone should interpret what you present however one may want. But at the same time I sense a little bias towards linking RSSB with Religare. I have read the comments by some of the posters here, and they seem to be very sure of what they're talking about. But it's all subjective. I could take these arguments to "prove" there is a connection. And I could take the same to argue there isn't one. Conclusion: I'm left where I started, but I see a lot of people wasting a lot of energy arguing over these things.

There are a couple of good posts where someone said something smart that challenged the usefulness of all this info. And I sensed you became defensive and quickly reacted so that the discussion would not be ended, but could continue in the original terms. It showed me your intentions, just to have people discuss pointlessly to get confused. A lot of info, but nothing to base facts on.

What did we learn?

so baba gurinder singh invested in his nephews company. what is wrong with that.he belongs to a well to do family.in india parents leave their wealth to their children.he will give to his kids like his father gave to him.
i am not a satsangi,but have been to the dera in beas and was highly impressed.the philosophy is for those who want to follow it.followers are not supposed to give up their religion but only supposed to adopt a few more principles.there are no forced donations or any rituals.the guru is a 'guide' and not God or even godman.he is a guru for those who need him.no one is forced to follow.i really dont understand why people are so critical and intolerant towards someone who satisfies the needs of lakhs of people by just being there.what is wrong with the letter he has written to the satsangis in japan.he is just propogating the virtue of fortitude and forbearance in the face of adversity.money is not the only solution to the worlds problems.human beings are not one dimensional.they need emotional and spiritual succor as well.

All these people that criticize RS don't know anything, they have been on the path for a bit of time and expect miracles to happen. It doesn't work like that, I know lots of people that are on the path and have reached the highest levels. These are actual people, face to face I have spoken to, and not read from in RS books. My parents go to seva at HP and one women who was a devotee for 40+plus years died recently. Her husband told my parents that at the time of her death maharajii and baba ji collected her. He said he never saw his wife so happy when she was dying. There are lots more stories I have heard from real people, the fact is to get to the higher stages it takes many years. We have lived so many lives and created so many sins, it takes years to gain the inner peace. Also there is this women who attends HP every week, every time I go there she is there, she said once baba ji appeared in her home and spoke to her about the teachings and gave her the address of hp. She has also spoken about some positive inner experiences.

To all you RS out there please don't come on these forums, seek the truth from real people, e.g. go to seva and seek the truth from real people who have had real experiences. The internet is full of crap, full of negative people who blame RS for their failures/insecurities in life.

I myself have suffered lots of problems in life, and my master has always been there for me. Everytime i listen to satsangs, read books, get my masters darshan I feel peaceful, i feel the inner pull. I used to attend gurdwaras before, read their books and never really feeled the pull inside. But you don't see me bad mouthing Sikhism, i STILL RESPECT IT,it is wrong to bad mouth any faith, if things didn't workout well for you JUST MOVE ON AND DON'T POST NEGATIVE CRAP. I don't care what other people say about the path, if they were true humans they wouldn't bad mouth the path so much.

G: All these people that criticize RS don't know anything, they have been on the path for a bit of time and expect miracles to happen.

I think that for many of older people here who are meditating for more than 30 years or at least they told us so (like tAo, Brian…) is not a short period and to say that they don't know anything is really not quite on the track, they do know and they should get some respect. I am more worried for people who cannot hold a constructional critic, can't you realize that critic will help you construct your self as much as your 'master'. Drop your feelings and emotions for a second and try to accept the critic it will help to balance your faith cause everybody has faith, just critic can turn your blind faith into real understanding.

G: It doesn't work like that

Moongoes: It can work like that

G: These are actual people, face to face I have spoken to, and not read from in RS books.

Moongoes: Why does it matter if someone tells you something or if you read in the book both can be lies or both can be truth

G: Her husband told my parents that at the time of her death maharajii and baba ji collected her.

Moongoes: This is hard to understand was he there , were you there you cannot know that is a fact.

G: I have heard from real people, the fact is to get to the higher stages it takes many years.

Moongoes.: Not true you can be there in a second. At what places you wanna go are you not happy with where you are at and… there are no places only you where you are and when you become happy with where you are at you will realize you are already there.

G: Also there is this women who attends HP every week, every time I go there she is there, she said once baba ji appeared in her home and spoke to her about the teachings and gave her the address of hp.

Moongoes: She goes to HP everyweek and than she needs Baba Ji to give here the address…gosh you are funny you can tell her she can look into address book or online if she ever need some address again.(jk)

G: To all you RS out there please don't come on these forums, seek the truth from real people, e.g. go to seva and seek the truth from real people who have had real experiences. The internet is full of crap, full of negative people who blame RS for their failures/insecurities in life.

Moongoes: I must remind you that you are on the internet and on these forum salso so first you must set an example than you can advice, otherwise you are battling with yourself.


Moongoes: This is an example of bad mothing but owner of this blog is honest and is not bad mouthing and just sets out constructional critic which is not harmful. Just try to understand and you will be at peace.

G: I don't care what other people say about the path, if they were true humans they wouldn't bad mouth the path so much.

Moongoes : The fact is that we are humans bad mouthing or not.-i wish you PEACE

Dear Moon goes ,
You are quit a bit write about it, it also goes for all the same.
No matter what and how you say, you Simply can't please all
and every body. ( example- You can not please your one better
half ) there is argument on both side, yes, critic are the BEST
friend we can keep, Said by Saint KABIR.

Mostly after Saints are Gone , Only than we believe in them,
But they are gone, and than we follow there teaching our way
what suite us best. so my humble request is that we can do it
now and look for the right path to the finally destination , if
we believe in it.

harbat: ( example- You can not please your one better
half ) there is argument on both side

Moongoes: Oh yes i can, she just ate a piece of nice homemade seitan by me, and in the evening uf you never know...

harbat_ yes, critic are the BEST
friend we can keep

Moongoes: Said by Charan

harbat: so my humble request is that we can do it
now and look for the right path to the finally destination , if
we believe in it.

Moongoe: Yes final destination, New York, Europe maybe some concert like Hiromi....otherwise no thanks i am content with where i am thanks,moongoes

Radha Swami Ji to all of you.

ha ha ha ... Messrs Shananjit Singh ... do you also 'hear' God laughing at just how funny that sounds from 'His' perspective?

Seeker2011 what is funny, sharanjit singh only wanted to say hello to everybody with RS gesture. So no big a deal.

ha ha ha

Anybody want to make a donation...?!!


Looks like you want to bring RSSB down by any means, what is the issue if someone is wealthy, have you seen the history of Ranbaxy before pointing figures to Malvinder Singh & his brother, You guys are talking about insider trading bla bla...you guys are becoming justice and passing your judgment, if you have so much of issues why are you just talking and doing chit chat here..make some efforts to prove yourself rather than writing blogs here...Do you guys know the history of Babaji & his family background before pointing figures on him...Do you know the meaning of Rich background, it looks like you have just got a Religare point and making it best to bring RSSB down & i pity on those who are believing you...

May be Religare part was one transaction, Babaji is the Guru but that does not mean his family can do nothing and sit ideal (As acc. to you, well then you will say Guru’s family is doing nothing and depending on Sangats money), His family is not entitled to answer you for what they are doing, You are just looking at one scenario, have you understand what was the reason behind that…(you will understand that only if you look beyond $$$$$)...

For all the other readers:
If you will search on internet you will find the same kind of blogs spread across multiple sites, the source for these looks likes to be same either an organization or and individual who is just jealous of RSSB and got some personal issues…

Even though I dnt like commenting on such things and these blogs are not worth enough to explain the positive side of my Guru…..
As said by Jesus.. “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they’re doing.”

everyone has separate business than why you people making an additional issue for Religare as well that information all the dera followers know is it clear everyone..dera trust is non-profit trust.

when you people dont know all the facts then why you people point out.late Dr.Parvinder was grand son of 2nd guru of radha soami satsang beas "Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj".Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj were grand father of 4th guru of RSSB Maharaj Charan Singh Ji and Maharaj Charan Singh ji were maternal uncle of present master of RSSB Baba Gurinder Singh Ji Dhillon.by this fact all of them are from the same family

and if you people dont know then let me tell you that present master himself is quite rich and they are zamindars.they even put their money in progress of main centre held in beas.

There are so many arrangements that needs to be made for us by him, you might not understand it now. These shares are and will be used by RSSB trust for our welfare in MANY WAYS, money is essential for all this. Don't you guys earn money for your family to feed and shelter them, you need more money if you have more family members. All the Sangat all are his childrens and he knows it better about how to take care of his family.

these are only rumours and one type of mechanism or we can say jelous regarding Dera Radha Soami Satsang Beas .when we are unable to do any thing ussually we feel jelous with famous people Baba Is GOd .so it is request avoid such rumours

Plz dearest so called author go n check on the website of religare n fortis I think u r gone by ur mind u r totally insane... Stop abusing any spiritual leader without proper proofs if he's a fraud then like other fraud leaders he prove guilty... N moreover baba g never force anyone to do any donation. Plz stop misguiding. U idiot

Hema Nvneet..the same..troll

Radha swami beas has not ..force anybody to donate money in satsung.....

Every institution needs funds to operate its activities....
Rssb doing well in spirituality fields just because of current baba g...
Its a purest institution in India..
So pupils of other institution trying to damage the fine purest image of rssb.

From Sunil Maurya

As far as I see this situation, in USA it's illegal to do insider trading because government claims tax on that income. However in India the laws work differently. But on the other hand you didn't provide any information on if they paid taxes on that income or not. Malvinder and shivinder are their relatives, hence it makes sense if they transfer money to gurkirat and his brother. And just to inform you rssb is run by trust and not by gurinder Singh dhillon. He just lives and preaches in the dera.

The Master is always Perfect whether inside or outside.My only focus in my struggle will always be realising Him. Beware of projecting the weakness of our own minds.Master is Perfect always & for ever, inside or outside.
God bless us.

Please can anybody tell me whether Revenue Minister of Punjab Bikramjeet singh Majathia is married to predecessor of RSSB Charn singh grewal's daughter or not. I am a follower of RSSB. I have seen RSSB illegal activities on Beas river' bank when I used to do sewa their. Also RSSB steals Beas river sand illegaly.
If the answer to my question that I requested above in starting lines is for sure yes with any certain proof I will consider this organization fraud and not be a follower anymore.

Rssb does not steal sand. Samrat stop trolling

Reading through this thread again I can see clearly how "confirmation bias" works. We all like confirmation of our existing beliefs or theories and we gang up with others who are on the same wavelength. It takes quite some time to change those beliefs. We are so programmed! I have really enjoyed lately watching Scott Adams discussing the Trump phenomenon who speaks about this and other NLP tactics in his videos.

Are you taking to your self ?

digital profit course

How many of u know that rssb organisation has donated 600 crore rupees to the Indian govt for overall development of the country and has kept it hidden without taking any credit.. if I have a friend who is opening a new company I find it worthy I will invest ask my kids too also.. that is basic human nature .. I am earning my own money even donating it to the organisation.. plus the organisation's donates back as it deems fit thru money or thru having Indian largest solar panel or largest garbage recycling unit or rather the only plastic recycling unit in india

"How many of u know that rssb organisation has donated 600 crore rupees to the Indian govt for overall development of the country and has kept it hidden without taking any credit.."

Siyona, do tell, if it's a secret then how do you know about it and why are you asking us to give RSSB credit for it, genius? And the Indian gov is massively corrupt at every level. Giving them money sounds more like bribery, not development.

Also, there is no English word "crore" so nobody knows what you're talking about.

You have no sence please do not use these wrong words about dera Beas and babaji. Many people bilive in baba ji . These forud things are useless for me and other satangies

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