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April 11, 2010


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Thank you for the new link. It is interesting that the name of the webhost does not appear on it. Moreover, some of the comments on it seem to raise a red flag as to the rationality of the writer(s).

Also, what we are seeing with the RSSB is the beginning of the end. What Gurinder is doing is simply the Mauj, or Divine Will. So, how can he be punished as such?? Realize that it was not Charan Singh who appointed him but his own inner Master "Sawan Singh" (or his Higher Self, or Personal God as indicated by Faqir Chands understanding) as revealed in the Will. The former may well have had doubts about Gugu. Charan was simply submitting to the commands of his inner Master, or"God", or the "Higher Self" which probably for whatever reasons wants to see the demise of RSSB Gurus at some point in the future. Hence, Gurinder Singh becomes Master, and sets the ball rolling....

Incidently, RSSB does not believe that the last five Sikh Gurus were perfect. Maybe Sar Bachan in the end may replace the need for a Living Guru...Anything is possible!!!

Tara wrote: "... I don't care about the high flying business people and their crooked ways, as long as they don't call themselves GIHF and rob innocent followers of their emotions, time and money.

--That is the crux of the matter and why, if all of this is true, Gurinder is a bad dude...really bad. A con artist. People invest the foundation of their lives on this fraud, this cynical creep. All this love and obedience to the "perfect sat guru" and he just takes it to the bank. Sickening. I hope tAo is right and there is a mass awakening to the sinister reality of RSSB and they leave the cult in droves.

Thank you very much Tara for your communication. Obviously, you know your stuff so to speak!

However, as far as I am concerned the REAL MASTER is ones Higher Self which lies within irrespective of whether the outer physical link to it (ie GS) is corrupt, or not.

I have explained all this before in connection with Faqir Chand, but the trouble with it is that people find such a notion socially unacceptable. This is understanble especially if more serious revelations emerge from the outer "master"!

This is just another message to you in public. You appear to be well-connected as far as RSSB is concerned.

On this site I mentioned that Gurinder sometime before he became the Master was involved in something "questionable" of a business-like nature. But the Dera sent a mesage to those connected with the matter in which it was said that he was a Perfect Master!!! Hence, he could do no wrong even though something appeared possibly "wrong". This claim I heard from an English teacher who was working in Spain...and was mystified about the whole matter, and asked what power are we dealing with?

I am wondering whether a number of "high up" Satsangis knew that he was regarded as a "Perfect Master" before Charan passed on? With your connections you might be able to throw light. Apparently though, some people were surprised that he was made a successor to Charan Singh....

....which incidently takes me back to the Wikipedia entry which now says the GS succeeded Charan Singh. There is no mention of him being a Sevadar. However, in the discussion section I mention this, and so far it has not been removed...

Also, I have noticed a few Facebook Religare sites....


You stated,

"I am wondering whether a number of "high up" Satsangis knew that he was regarded as a "Perfect Master" before Charan passed on?"

--Before Charan passed on, I'm guessing that Gurinder would have been a regular satsangi. Maybe, a "high up" one. To be given the "Perfect Master" title before his Master Charan 'passed on' would be an interesting bit of info.


Again,thank you for taking the time to come out with some more illuminating comments. You seem to have quite a bit of "inside" knowledge (so to speak!)about the Dera, and GS..

Hi Tara,

Thanks for your message. You mentioned,

"At the time of the announcement, Gurinder was in Spain. He received a phone call after Charan's passing that he had been chosen by his Master ( Charan ) to become the next Param Sant Sat Guru of RSSB."

---Does anyone know who called Gurinder on the phone? How was the authorization/confirmation of succession carried out? By mouth or some certified documentation? If Gurinder was truely engaged in a 'big' suprise, then one can guess that there was no pre-authorized succession 'action' plan in place. I'm guessing.

The formal process of succession is what I would find interesting, based on your message. Thanks again..Roger


I was intrigued by the following comment...

".....I know of a number of similar incidents where the RSSB publicists pulled out one of these cards...
" His Will / Perfect Living Master / He Knows Best / Do Not Question " etc....."

I am wondering if you still own one, or more of these cards mentioned above. It seems somewhat bizarre.Are such cards still being used, and how often, and where usually?

More light please....

The following maybe of interest, and relevance and comes from "foolishworld"...The English may seem a little odd....

People of this world are so fool they make comment without knowing the facts. Private jet is not bought from people's money by RSSB Guru it was given to Him by her cusion sister who is extremely rich. And she till now giving huge amount in seva. And RSSB Guru doesn't need anyone's money even if you will see their family history 100 years ago when they were not Guru, they were royal family and having huge acres of land. They announced many time during satsang not to give money in seva if it is not earned honestly. I am 100% sure whole of money which is received is not managed by RSSB Guru but people like me and you who are working in management. All money is managed by many groups of people totally on the wellfare of humanity. Even Babaji give a lot of money in seva from his private business and also send tons of foodgrain free from his farmhouse. Because he has huge land and it is too much for Him to consume all of it. But people of this world can never imagine that this is possible---there can be goodness, truth and love. Because they are culprit and have association with all culprit people. Thief always think others as thieves. Poeple greedy of money always think that others are also greedy like them. Their mind plans are to deceive and kill others for money so they think whole world' s people are thinking the same way.....


Thanks Tara,

Your message was very educational. Many thanks to you. Were you around to know Charan on a personal level?

I found this interesting,

"In the will Charan had mentioned that he had received an insight from his Master ( Sawan Singh ) to appoint Gurinder Singh as the next Guru of RSSB."

---It would be interesting to understand what an 'insight' is according to a GIHF.
Interesting from a blogging conversation point of view. I don't make a big deal out of any of this. It's just a interesting topic.

Thanks again to you, Roger


Silly me....about the "cards!" But you never know!! And yes, I suppose the post from another site was a bit lame to put it mildly. I just put it here just for fun if you can call it that!!

Tara, you said,
At the time of the announcement, Gurinder was in Spain. He received a phone call after Charan's passing that he had been chosen by his Master ( Charan ) to become the next Param Sant Sat Guru of RSSB.... I remember having a conversation with GS a few years ago and he himself told me about the " phone call " and what a surprise it was to him.
I am surprised, I saw Gurinder in Dera when Charan Singh died and he was present at the time of cremation also, to my knowledge he had left Malaga for India after the Easter.

I think my blog maybe of interest.


There is still more material to go on it when I have the time,and energy...

Maybe someone throw light on this...


There is reference to Radha Swami Estates! I assume this maybe a Beas operation which may have been discussed already? Dayalbagh Satsang on occassions allow the name of Radhasoami to appear on their business I believe !


Found this story about a man that thought his apartment belonged to him and later his family but it turns out that his payment was to be seen as a deposit so Gurinder told him. His apparently belonged to the dera the payment allowed him to live there during his life. It shows too how the administration works with lawyers to maintain the feudal dera organization. There is no need to make a last will everything goes to the dera anyway.

The following google search link gives references to some "new" data, and dealings by Radha Swami Estates...


With respect to Nietzche I believe the info in his link has been put on this site before..

i was walking in the woods the other day and security guards walked towards me in a threatening manner (this is a public footpath)... most peculiar behaviour. For an organisation so committed to spirituality (God 'is love'), they are doing very well at alientating themselves from the local villagers, they even tried to ban people from walking in the woods adjacent to Haynes Park.
Not a very loving way to go about welcoming people... in fact rather disturbing. Sounds like the case of a good cause turned corrupt (like all organised religion)

Tara, I can't recall how much I've shared on this blog about my own extensive "security seva" experiences. Someday I'll check my past writings and add on to them. This is an interesting subject. It says a lot about the religious mind, how people relate to other people when they feel they are on a mission from God.

Having read the initial post and peoples comments, one must understand there is nothing illegal in the activities of Gurinder Singh Dillion regarding Religare in this story. Yes, I can understand peoples initial reactions and concerns, but one has to earn money in this world in order to live in this world. Sprirtuality promotes honest living, especially living off your own income. It does not matter whether you purchase shares or work as a shoe cleaner. As long as you do not do anything illegal in the process, there is no harm done.

Someone, I don't agree with you. Here in the United States, as around the world, lots of people have been hurt by financial dealings by big investment firms which weren't technically illegal, yet were decidedly wrong (derivatives trading that caused a collapse of the housing market, and many other shady practices).

Just because something is legal doesn't mean it is the right thing to do. Someone can legitimately be criticized even though they haven't broken the letter of the law.

As a Brit, most here would consider that the 'law' as such, that is what is considered legitimate - whether within society at large, or within the more rarified world of business - is always open to interpretation ... so it is never a matter of being absolutely right or wrong, rather how much one may slip/slide within given parameters.

Considering what is now known about Gurinder's business dealings perhaps it could be argued that he has become quite adept at slipping & sliding! And, it is that - yes - which has raised legitmate concerns amongst those who follow the spiritual path of Sant Mat?

The following mahy be of interest. It is from a Sikh site....


Robert, that link you shared has content copied from one of my own blog posts about RSSB and Religare.

I do not understand. What is the problem? There is reference to your blog after all?

Robert, I didn't see any reference to my blog post in the person's discussion group sharing, so I wasn't sure whether you realized the material came from this blog. There's no problem in sharing the info. However, I do think that when people copy something from a web site, they should clearly indicate the source -- just as a courtesy (well, also as a matter of copyright law).

Malvinder & Shivinder Singh are worth 3.5 Billion US Dollars according to the Forbes billionare list in March 2012. It must be nice to be rich, and to make the Forbes list!


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