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April 07, 2010


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Brian, where o where does one find some "meaningful living" ??? or does one need, as Sartre postulated, to use the art of distraction to its maximum?

Existence itself is meaningful, in and of itself. Zen for the lazy - good news!

I think there is much individualism in religion and also in christianity. Read the Matthew gospel(5-7; buddhists also like it!) or some philosophers like Horkheimer or Adorno or look at the history of christianity(Luther and others like him like individualistic mystics).

I admit that there are also very close religious groups but there are too clode groups everywhere so it doesnt help much to avoid religion. But there is also another side of religion which is more individualistic and even resistant to those in power(social rebels).

If you look at the European rebels like Marx and Nietzsche you can see that Nietzsche was a son of protestant priest and Marx was a Jew and living in the protestant(!) country.

Alias Edmund, have you read anything by OSHO Rajneesh? (Actually all his books are transcriptions of his talks to followers.)
It is MUCH MORE ADVANCED AND CLEAR THAN ANYTHING WRITEN BEFORE (Nietzsche is on the same level but he had not experienced meditation, nor did Jung, Freud and other western thinkers).
Just read Osho, you will not regrett.

SUZANNE,maybe you ment to say "Existence itself is MEANINGLESS..." (How it can be "meaningfull"-? You acquire knowledge, wealth, experience,etc,etc, and when you leave this world, you leave naked as when you came here, as a baby. And we leave UNCERTAIN of what's there on the other side? You must have been very, very young person to say that is meaningfull.)
..."Existence as such has no meaning.
Neither is it meaningless.Meaning is simply irrelevant to existence. There is no goal that existence is trying to achive. There is nowhere it is going. It simply is..."
(Osho: The Rajneesh Bible 1, p.512
He also said that Existence is tremendous overflow of energy....

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