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March 14, 2010


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Rewriting history seems to be a handy and recurrent fundamental for religious fundamentalists. This must be an approved strategy recommended by "god" himself, since we all know the "word of god" (aka "the truth") could never be altered, edited or even interpreted by mere human beings with worldly political agendas.
Truth is truth - except when it's not anymore.

This is so exceptionally wrong-headed that I doubt if it will stand for long. Parents, teachers, politicians with common sense, older students, etc. etc., just won't stand for it.

Suzanne, I hope you're right. But Texas is its own reality. Common sense often doesn't operate in that state, getting disabled by right-wing craziness.

Does being "right wing" have to include being a religious fundamentalist that would suppress the truth about Jefferson? It seems to me being a fundamentalist and being politically conservative (right wing) are two different things. It's like saying pot-smoking left wing crazies. Is being a pot smoker a core principle of left wing (liberal) politics?

It just gets weirder and weirder in this country.

tucson, I agree that "fundamentalist" and "right wing" don't necessarily go together. But in the United States, they generally do. I can't think of any well-known leftist Christian fundamentalists, either individuals or groups. In fact, I can't even think of what a leftist Christian fundamentalist would advocate for.

There are left-wing Christians who strongly believe in social equity, helping the poor, avoiding war, and other positions they associate with the moral teachings of Jesus. But I don't think of these as "fundamentalist" positions (if they were, wouldn't the conservative fundamentalists also hold them?)

In the Texas Board of Education instance, the Christian fundamentalists were also right-wingers. Here's an overview of the changes they made to the curriculum, as listed by a group in Texas that has been following this story closely:

Note that all of the curriculum changes could be described as "right-wing" or "conservative," insofar as I can tell. So the religious fundamentalists consistently took right-wing positions.

in reality there is "craziness" on both sides of the phony left-right paradigm.

there are many screwed up conservatives, but undoubtedly there are also many screwed up liberals as well. and that is a fact.

and many of these supposed right-wing conservatives (especially including the wacked out fundie religious nuts) are not really true conservatives.

also, the liberals may not have as many of those crazy religious types, but they do have other problems... like craziness, corruption, stupidity and hypocrisy when it comes to things like constitutional rights (and especially the second amendment - the right own guns), lavishly spending trillions of the taxpayers hard earned dollars, and other nasty shit.

but the truth is that BOTH parties are nothing but a deception and a facade. they are both manipulated and controlled by the same super-rich globalist elite masters - the multinational corporations and the international banking cartel. the left-right paradigm is designed to distract the people from who is really running the show. and there are just as many fucked-up liberals are there are conservatives.

also, Texas is no worse than any other state. for every right-wing religious nut, there is an equal number of 'head-up-their-ass' left-wing idiots.

so its just the same old 'pot calling the kettle black' routine. anyone who thinks it's not, is a naive sucker in denial, and is not at all informed about the real facts.

tAo, the sky is blue.

suzanne, what is that supposed to mean?

so what if the sky is blue?

the air in the sky has nothing to do with this.

and it certainly does not change the fact that there is really no difference between either side of the false right-left paradigm.

perhaps you should explain what you are trying to say more clearly.

tAo, no need.

Thoman Aquinas...Sky is blue...(Maybe that wasn't included on the test)

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