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March 20, 2010


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There is no choice...even in the mechanism of making conscious choices. Scary, but cool.

Hey Brian, this just might be up your street:


Just think, a buncha people all gathered together - learned ones as well - talking endlessly about their own illusory nature. Does it GET more fun than that?

Imagine that - brains are finally getting around to realizing that they can do absolutely nothing about themselves. That will not stop them, however, from being "self"-ish to the "n"th degree.

Thanks, there's been quite a bit of research into the brain and spirituality in the last 10 years. Might be time I looked into it further.

And marvelously illustrative of how doubt often is a pointer to truth, a fact that religions do their best to sweep under the have faith! rug. Uncertainty makes us uncomfortable.

On the flip side, doubt can hoodwink you and you're dissuaded from an advantageous course. How often we sigh "If only I had gone with my first instinct..." But some nagging doubt crept in, or you pooh-poohed your intuition, or,
the infinitely distractible brain was off to the races on another thought. I think the damage we do ourselves is far greater than religion ever could.

I agree with this article.

Name a single mystic teaching who has provided any validated insight into our universe or mind. You would think after all the hot air and wind there would be something left behind.

But nada. nothing.

Darwin, Einstein, Newton, Feinman, Hawkings - these are the men who have advanced our understanding of the universe, scientists not mystics.

Name a single mystic teaching who has provided any validated insight into our
universe or mind...Darwin, Einstein, Newton, Feinman, Hawkings - these are the
men who have advanced our understanding of the universe, scientists not mystics.

I suspect mystics would partially agree since their own goal transcends physical reality. And, if the universe is multi-layered with both physical and spiritual realms, what's the metric for advancement... Science has made huge leapsin understanding the physical; but remains mute on anything else. Even if you
dismiss the answers of mystics, man's existential dilemmas remain. What happens a
fter death? Why so much random cruelty? Why do we remain slaves of our addictions... As Tennyson writes, "we're children crying in the night...with no language but a cry".

Demanding mystics prove assertions within the framework of science is absurd if both physical and spiritual realms exist. How could current scientific methodology validate spiritual claims? The experiences of a mystic wouldn't be repeatable except by those who have followed the mystic disciplines to transcend what's
grasped at the physical level.

You may have faith that science will somehow bridge both physical and spiritual.Perhaps prove
that the spiritual realm is a chimera. Or,
however improbably, solve the riddle of death. But until that happens, how can anyone pigeonhole exactly who's "advanced our understanding of the universe".

A knowledge of the existence of something we cannot penetrate, of the manifestations of the profoundest reason and the most radiant beauty - it is this knowledge and this emotion that constitute the truly religious attitude; in this sense, and in this alone, I am a deeply religious man. (Albert Einstein)

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