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March 18, 2010


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There seem to be many different versions and methods of how to achieve that pure space of awareness. I think to achieve a pure and honest acceptance of self and life we have to dig deep and acknowledge our deepest thoughts and feelings that are buried inside. It’s easy to be airy-fairy and superficially acknowledge only the good things in life but what about the suffering? To truly accept this life and become a kind, compassionate, loving and ‘spacious’ being we have to face the deepest suffering within and transform that inner suffering through acknowledgement and understanding. There is no quick fix.

This is a quote from one of my favourite books “Upside-Down Zen a direct path into reality” by Susan Murphy:

“Once Dongshan was down at the creek washing his bowls. He saw two birds contending over a frog, tearing it apart right in front of him. A monk who was with him saw it too, and asked, ‘Why does it come to this?’ The master replied, ‘It is only for your benefit, Acharya’. ‘Acharya’ is an honorific implying ‘Great One’. When you can truly receive that benefit Dongshan is speaking of, you will be great with the universe, and share the equanimity of the rocks and stars and galaxies.”

Jen, what exactly is a "pure space of awareness"?? what do you mean "pure space"??how can space be pure or impure??

do you mean "pure space", or do you just mean pure awareness. and if the latter, then how could awareness be divided between pure and impure?? how is 'pure awareness' any different than plain old awareness?? awareness is the sate of being alive (not dead). so then, what is 'pure awareness'??

also, how do you know that "deepest thoughts and feelings are buried inside"?? inside of what?

you said: "what about the suffering?" but don't you think people are already quite (and painfully) aware of their suffering??

also, why should or does one need to "become a kind, compassionate, loving and ‘spacious’ being"?? why does one have to be anything other than whatever they are??

and who doesn't "face the deepest suffering within"?? suffering is hardly somthing that goes unnoticed.

also, why would one need to "transform that inner suffering"?? suffering carries it own message, which will be interpreted by the sufferer alone.

"When you can truly receive that benefit Dongshan is speaking of, you will be great with the universe, and share the equanimity of the rocks and stars and galaxies." ...but who, and what, is there to "receive"?? any meaning that is ascribed to any event, is always personal, arbitrary, and after the fact.

tAo, I’m not an expert on awareness and consciousness so I’ll just leave it to the all knowing people on this blog who have made up their minds that there is nothing more than this life… that’s all, just one life and then death and nothingness… there you go… nothing more to say…

Jen, thats sure sounds like a cop-out to me. i just presented you with a few sincere questions... so that i could understand what you meant to say. you don't have to get all sarcastic and defensive and then evade the issue. and where do you get this "all knowing people" idea? whose mind is made up? certainly not mine. why so touchy and such a reactionary attitude?

Pure space is the sign of Akasha tatwa or sky to put in short also called as ether in many philosophies. I am a teacher in 24 meditation techniques and a reiki grandmaster. Sky is the element quite close to divine self, soul or as per tao emptiness of the emptiness. In the sky flows air, but it doesnt move it. In the sky rain falls but it doesnt wet it. Sky was the first element created amongst the 5 (fire, water, earth, air) but which encompases everything. Its thineer than air and it closely resembels to the inner element. There is sky within the mind called chidakash, detached but ever present, there is sky within the pot which is closed within that realm called ghatakash, there is sky outside called mahakash. It's wider than than the widest and thinner than the thinnest. One can meditate and understand the base as sky to have all the thoughts as nothing but thoughts!


Have you watched Sky King? This program on tv has a wealth of information.

Hi grandmaster Devank ,

If one does not personalize impersonal
thoughts ..............

WHO will be left to do action ?

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