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March 12, 2010


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i was like that i missed alot of my 20's because of my religion, when i finally let go, i felt as if i can't do more that life is it, that' there's no rest stops, no second chance, one it's gone..i can go on this rant forever but, i just want to leave with this one statement, i agree with you brian. i'm now 30 and finally enjoying life.

This is it. Here it is! Relish it, even the unpleasant parts.

I dunno Brian - the more I read your blog here, the more it seems as though you are trying to convince yourself that you are "right" about this whole "God" business. Even the title of your blog is suggestive of an unwillingness (or an inability) to effect a complete relinquishment of belief - in anything.

Believers are quite certain that God exists. They cannot be convinced otherwise. They are absolutely set apart from those who do not or cannot believe, and from those who do not believe but want to (for whatever reason). Life is cut-and-dried, either-or, black or white with no shades of gray. Believers tend to be condescending and arrogant, self-assured and content with their circumstances. They will be quick to tell you that it's all because of God.

So here you are, Brian - in your 60's, with the bulk of your life behind you, a lot of it being squandered in attention to some dipshit guru, and you lucky enough to have escaped that particular trap. Free at last!

Life is intrinsically meaningless. If this was not the case, then the believers in God have trumped the teeming masses. But don't go about assuming that non-belief confers any sort of meaning or advantage. There is no reason whatsoever why one should believe or not believe.

Here is a kind of life after death you can be sure of...

Willie R, I don't understand what you're saying. Or maybe I do, and don't agree with it. You say "there is no reason whatsoever why one should believe or not believe."

Well, clearly believers and non-believers consider that they have reasons for their belief or non-belief. I sure do. Reality is preferable to imagination. I'd rather found my life on what I actually experience rather on what I imagine I might experience one day -- in this life, or an afterlife.

Yes, life doesn't carry with it an intrinsic meaning. But each of us creates our own meaning. We also create our own reasons for valuing that meaning. I guess I'm enough of a believer in objective reality to feel that some reasons are better than other reasons.

If not, what's the purpose of conversation, discussion, education, and all the other ways we share ideas with other people? I've found that non-belief does confer some advantages in living life more fully, meaningfully, and honestly.

Sharing my experience with others seems entirely justified -- though naturally other people might not agree with my personal understanding.

I thought for sure that my response would be deleted post-haste, Brian. With the fabled power of 20/20 hindsight, I notice that I am far too quick to pass judgment on the opinions of others - thus making a mockery of my own stated positions.

There is something going on. Life. I have found no one's conclusions satisfactory so far. But it does seem reasonable that our encounter with Reality is inevitable on an individual basis.

The mind is constantly moving from attraction (desire) to aversion. It could be belief and attachment to some religion or guru based philosophy, which is then discarded, and then it seeks something else to attach to, cling to, anything to delay the death of the small mind or ego.

Maybe this tactic stops us from being more in tune with a higher consciousness, especially if this small mind, this ego mind, is insistent that there is nothing more than This, the enjoyment of this physical world with all its sensual pleasures.

As always, provocative but true, Brian :)

I really suggest you to read Dr. Michael Newton's book: Journeys of The Soul.

While I do not fully embrace your perspective here, I totally in line with you that it is life, it is this very moment, we have to live fully. It is too bad that religion has changed from a tool to raise awareness, into a myth that clouds people from real joy of life.

Keep posting, Brian :)

no, religion was never a "tool to raise awareness". religion has always been about controlling and suppressing awareness.

religion has always been about the business of making an idol of the original founder of the religion, creating dogma and rituals and temples and churches, proseltizing to gain more believers, amassing material wealth, and oppressing and even murdering those who don't submit to the dictates of the religion.

religion does not raise awareness, it stifles awareness. the purpose of religion is to brainwash and control people.

if you wish to truly raise your awareness, then avoid religion. religious people are generally the most narrow-minded people on earth.

@ tAo: today, yes. As religion has been misunderstood by its followers, since almost all followers stuck with outer forms and cannot grasp the essence.

I found that all religions share the same message, even with atheistic mysticism--provided it's understood correctly. I think those who sided either with religion or with anti-religion is just the same; both trapped with an extreme perspective and missed another :D

"religion has been misunderstood by its followers, since almost all followers stuck with outer forms and cannot grasp the essence."

-- grasp what essence? what is that essence?

"all religions share the same message"

-- not true. where did you get that idea? the "message" of each religion is different in many ways. and merely saying that the message is the same, does not make it so.

"even with atheistic mysticism--provided it's understood correctly."

-- "atheistic mysticism"?? no such creature exists. there is no mysticism possible in atheism. i think you have your terms mixed up. and what is there to understand "correctly"?? mysticism is based upon the notion of the supernatural. there is no supernatural in atheism.

"those who sided either with religion or with anti-religion is just the same"

-- that is not true at all. those are not the same at all. being religious is extremely different from being non-religious.

"both trapped with an extreme perspective and missed another"

-- the non-religious are not "trapped" in anything. nor are tghe missing anything. it is the religious believers who are trapped. so i think you are very mixed-up and confused about all this. and i think you are really just trying to defend religion, although you have utterly failed to do that.

If there is an afterlife, we don't know about it, since we're alive -- not dead. The meaning of our existence is founded on our actual life after birth, not our imagined life after death.

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