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March 28, 2010


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I found when I did sant mat mediatation that I tended to withdraw from the world. At the time I thought it was a good thing. Now I see it as a negative. What I saw as detachment was actually disengagement and social isolation

Oh Brian...you're on to something here. Just live - meditation can happen at any time.

thanks for your insights you always make my days real

Brian - Lovely post !
Jeremy - Very well said !

In my view, true meditation can take place anytime and anywhere.

The real key to meditation lies in the mind - the ability to focus and stay in the moment without being distraction.

I walk and meditate daily. But bring my awareness to my left hand where I hold crystals to prevent me from being distracted.

Thanks for sharing.

I have had really good luck with Kelly Howell's programs (http://www.brainsync.com). I basically listen to them throughout the day and when I can make time to meditate, as well as before I go to sleep. I find that the music is calming, and whatever subliminal stuff is going on seems to be sinking in.

All the realness we'll ever know is right here, right now....... Buddhists meditate while walking. Thanks.


Where does the 'crystals' link take one? I didn't link up. Could you explain the left hand meaning? Thanks Roger

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