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January 03, 2010


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Thanks Brian, for the always interesting posts. I have been to several different churches recently and could not understand the services at all. I ended up rating them on which gave the best show! Happy all year.

Catherine, I like your greeting: "Happy all year." Nice! Back at you.

This morning I read the chapter in Dan Barker's "Godless," a terrific book, where this one-time fundamentalist preacher realizes that his fervent belief in Christianity lacked substance. It was just blind faith.

He writes wonderfully honestly about how disorienting and disturbing it was to hear himself say stuff that he no longer believed in. He was just operating on autopilot for a while.

Like you said, there's nothing wrong to going to church just for the show -- the music, singing, snacks, conversation. Barker was a musician who played at many churches. As he was becoming more godless, he only wanted to play his music, not preach his sermons.

Brian, thanks for this excellent post, and especially for including those most relevant and poignant quotes. now i am definitely going to buy the book. and from what i just read J. H. articulate, he certainly expresses my own sentiments.

ps: however, as i am sure you feel as well, no book could ever compete with a babe's nice boobs such as were shown in your previous post. yummm

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