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January 15, 2010


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Notable Quotes

Brian Hines:

"Religious fundamentalists haven't progressed out of this child-like authoritarian morality. If God or a representative of the Big Man Upstairs (such as a guru, preacher, or whoever) says to do such-and-such, that's the end of the story."

Dan Barker:

"When true believers say that something is "wrong," it is because it has been decreed wrong by a "holy" deity" ... "the authority figure should not be offended."

"People who believe they are living under the thumb of such a vain and petty lord are not guided by ethics; they are guided by fear."

"People who do not question authority become easy prey to dictators. Cult leaders can manipulate followers who give them blind obedience."

"There is no way such a bully can earn my admiration."

You said it well.

"My meditation is unaffected"-How do you know drinking wine has no effect on meditating if you weren't having inner experiences before you drank the rotgut?

DJ, what do you mean by "weren't having inner experiences"? I had plenty of inner experiences during my forty years of meditating. In fact, i'm having an inner experience right now, writing this comment.

Isn't every experience an "inner" experience? How do I get out of my brain/mind/psyche and have an outer experience?

Anyway, I've found through direct inner experience that drinking a glass of wine doesn't have any effect on my meditation.

I can concentrate just as well, or just as not-well, with having drunk a glass of wine as not having drunk a glass of wine. If anything, I feel more relaxed and more at one with the cosmos after imbibing some wine.


btw, what makes you presume that a relatively small bit of wine is bad for meditation?? if that is what you think, then do you have any evidence to support that presumption??

and also, what makes you presume that wine rots the gut (you referred to wine as "rotgut")?? or is that just your personal taboos and conditioning talking?

and then, what makes so-called "inner experiences" the measure of anything?? how do you differentiate a so-called "inner experience" from an outer experience?? where/what is 'inner', and where/what is 'outer'??

apparently you don't drink wine... or do you?? how about mead??

did you known that 'the most interesting man in the world' drinks Dos Equis (XX)?? he does.

and did you you know that some tantric schools use wine and meat in their spiritual & mystical practices??

have you ever tried mushroom wine?? that'll teach you a thing or two about meditation.

and have you never read Omar Khyam?? methinks not.

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