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January 21, 2010


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Brian wrote: "There you are. Enlightenment! Sure seems simple. Just need to find the damn eraser."

--If you found the eraser what would you erase? The eraser is the erased!!

Consider the following in which "I" is the empty awareness or the erased box in the cartoons above...

Objectifying what I am as a subjective entity is making a self of what I am. As soon as this concept becomes a reflex action (usually very early in life) I am in bondage to that concept.

Enlightenment, freedom from bondage or whatever you want to call 'it' requires the cessation of that reflex action and the absence of positive or negative objectivization of what I am. When what I am ceases to be a concept no bondage can remain because there is no longer a conceptual entity to be bound or be free.

What you are trying to see is what is looking. What else could there be for you to see? What else could you never see?

We all miss it because we are there to miss it. If we were not present who would there be to miss it, since it is what we are?

So, relatively regarded everyone must be an incarnation of God, and absolutely, everyone can only be whatever God is which is not any kind of 'thing'.

You see 'that' points out to some 'thing' there while 'this' points in to some 'thing' here. However, I AM one-and-all, and neither, being no 'thing' at all.

Fond of authority and peer reviews? Ch'an sage Hui Hai said centuries ago:

"Perceptions employed as a base for building up positive concepts are the origin of all ignorance. Apperceiving that there is nothing to perceive is deliverance."

"When all relativities are seen as non-existent nothing remains to be apperceived"

note: apperception = intuitive not intellectual, kind of like "groking fullness" in the book "Stranger in a Strange Land" by Robert Heinlein.

Some are now saying, "How? There must be a method. Give me a method!!"...

Losing one's 'self' in what is Here is finding that 'Here" is what one is.

One last tidbit about non-objective relation:

In my absence as 'me', 'you' are present as I.

Anyone can say it.

Jesuschrist Brian, my ego was almost dead, then you pull a stunt like this. ;)

MonkMojo, you're married. So your ego should have been completely gone, deflated, expired by now. At least that's how it works in my marriage. I'm always wrong (when it comes to matters within our home's four walls).

The Buddha would have made his enlightenment journey a lot shorter if he'd remained (or gotten?) married.

There's no more effective path to ego loss for a man than having a woman around who tells him that prior to her coming into his life he's been hanging up towels wrong and loading the dishwasher wrong for his entire life, to name but a few examples.

Big fan of nonduality.Easy to fake yourself out after you grasp the concepts and think you have "IT".Watch out for the non duality Police who are caught in the semantics and the policing of how someone frames the context of dialog.Its not an attainment of any kind gives nothing to you.
Be careful Brian Advaita can give the philosophical types a great head trip to go on and on and on with

dogribb, I have to ask: do you think you're faking yourself out in this comment? How would I know if you are? How would you yourself know? How would anyone know?

What's the difference between a philosophical head trip and "IT"? If nonduality is to be taken seriously, why this big distinction between faked out and unfaked out, head trips and IT?

Aren't those distinctions distinctly dualistic? Or is asking questions a forbidden "head trip"? If so, why the dualism between forbidden and not forbidden?

In jest...Go do the dishes

dogribb, thanks for the clarification. I guess I didn't recognize the jest. I thought you were actually saying that there is something seriously true about nondualism.

But I agree: the big nondual truth seems to be...(drum roll, please)...

There is no truth to find!

I think there is "Truth" but there's no 'one' to find it.

The trick is disposing of the one who would find it. No 'one' can do it. How do 'I' dispose of 'I' ?

Once you get the hang of this non-dual stuff anyone can spout non-dualisms. I think that is what dogribb was talking about.

It could become a fad, the next cool thing.

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