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January 01, 2010


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This "Upside Down Circle" is one of my favorite books.

If we clearly see the difference between direct comprehension in non-relative whole mind and relative comprehension in mind divided into subject-object all apparent mysteries will disappear. That is the key that unlocks the doors of incomprehension.


There is no enlightenment in the sense that there is no one to know it. But there is a seeing as Blogger Brian quoted from the book:

"In simple terms, enlightenment indicates the absence of the illusion of self and other."

If there is no 'other', then there is no 'self'. If there is no 'self' then there is no 'other'. No 'thing'.

The Chinese said it long ago, "From the beginning not a thing is".

Profoundly apprehended, that's all there is to it.

My only purpose in saying this, in Master Gilbert writing his book, in Blogger Brian writing his blog-piece is to demonstrate that there could be no one to do it.

I believe authenticity has much to do with it. Sometimes in the case of art (and almost always in religion) I am left wondering how authentic the creative force is. I look at some art or music and wonder .... is this honest creativity, fueled by depth and spirit? Is this really inspired? Or, .... did someone merely have a desire to be creative and then put together something bizarre and call it creativity?
Altruism is a similar topic that I feel the same way about. Does someone give because it is right or do they give because they want to do the right thing?
One way offers "oookies". The other does not.

e, good points. One of the things we talked about on New Year's Eve was how hip-hop, rap, break dancing, and other urban arts feel authentic when they're performed by someone who has actually lived the inner city life.

But when suburban white kids attempt to imitate the genre, it looks and feels rather fake. They may have the outside look down, but not the inner feel of it. On "So You Think You Can Dance" (one of our favorite TV shows), the judges often will say "your technique was good, but I didn't feel much from you."

This is one reason why spiritual independence is so important. If we're not authentically ourselves, we aren't really living. Imitation may be the finest form of flattery, but it isn't real.

"But if there is, it makes sense (assuming enlightenment would make sense) that it entails some sort of resolution of our usual view that objectivity and subjectivity are opposed to each other."

I don't see opposition between the inside and outside of a house; it's perspective. I think problems come about when a person who's only experienced the inside of a house denies the existence of the outside, or the person who's only seen the house from the outside denies the existence of the inside.

Where I generally part ways with Eastern thought, though, is when we're told to deny the existence of the interior and exterior or call the inside and outside an illusion. When two things (inside and outside) 'reside in' or are 'projected from' a common source (the house), their relation to each other becomes an absolute reality in respect to the things themselves.

Happy New Year,



Nice post. I'm guessing the "illusion" word takes on a different meaning. This could be another topic for discussion.
Happy New Years to you too.

Wow, thank you Brian! You have brought me full "circle," as it were. Zen Master Don Gilbert and his Master (Dr. Il Bung Seo Kyong Bo) were my very first spiritual teachers, circa 1982 in Huntsville,Alabama (I was a senior in high school!).

I still do Buddhism and Sant Mat side by side.....

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